A Letter from Arron Banks to Matthew Elliot, CEO Vote Leave
18 January 2016

Arron Banks, Co-Chairman of Leave.EU, has issued a letter to Vote Leave CEO, Matthew Elliot.


Dear Matthew,

I have been dismayed to see members of Vote Leave in the media recently advocating two referendums in order to somehow secure a better deal for the UK with the European Union.

Firstly, the Prime Minister has repeatedly said there will only be one referendum to remain or leave. I thought that we had both agreed to respect that outcome, whichever way it went.

Secondly, we could be only six months away from the referendum and every second counts. When voters step into the booth on polling day, they will have two options: Leave or remain.  

We need to offer a focussed, clear and consistent message about the benefits of leaving the EU – introducing novel ideas about process only serve to confuse and deflect from the real issues at hand and, more damagingly, suggest that a vote to Leave may result in a vote to remain.

The idea that a Leave vote is a vote for reform is counterproductive and could damage the arguments campaigners are making for the United Kingdom being a strong, independent country outside of the confines of the European Union. Any uncertainty will only play into the remain campaign's hands.

The actions of your colleagues and previous historic statements suggest you are committed to staying in a reformed EU rather than campaigning for a Leave vote. It is inconceivable that the Electoral Commission could award Vote Leave the official designation while you remain committed to reform through a second referendum.

As I have said previously, the only person apparently standing in the way of a formal merger is Dominic Cummings. With his latest comments suggesting the Prime Minister use anything other than Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty to initiate our withdrawal from the EU, he has become a liability and a danger to both Leave campaigns.

I have stressed before, the importance of having one united ‘Leave’ campaign as I believe it is counter-productive to the end goal that we are both deploying resources on grassroots activists and the media.

I therefore extend my hand, again, for us to open up talks about how we can move forward as one unstoppable campaign devoted to securing a Leave vote and only a Leave vote in the one and only referendum we will have.

Kind regards,

Arron Banks

Co-Chairman Leave.EU

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