Leave.EU press release: EU draft plan
02 February 2016

Leave.EU dismisses EU draft plan as a “fudge and a farce”


Richard Tice, co-founder of the Leave.EU campaign, has dismissed Brussels’ draft plan for a new relationship between the EU and the UK as a “fudge and a farce”.


“This draft plan is a fudge and a farce.  We already have a “red card” at the governmental level but are in a voting minority more often than any other EU member.  Why should duplicating the process at the parliamentary level achieve anything besides making the EU even slower and clumsier in a crisis?


“We don’t need a brake with someone else’s hand on it, we need control of the steering wheel.  Besides, planned increases in the minimum wage will attract more new migrants than benefits cuts will.


“We certainly don’t need empty promises of an opt-out from “ever closer union” in some future treaty after the referendum, will evaporate even faster than our last promise on CAP reform did.”

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