Merger between Vote Leave and Leave.EU
04 February 2016

Commenting on the possibility of a merger between the two main Leave campaigns, Arron Banks, co-founder of Leave.EU said,

"There has been a lot of media coverage over the last few days about the need for a merger between Leave.EU and Vote Leave.

"I wish to clarify that I have written to Vote Leave on four occasions, had lunch twice and spoken to the CEO Matthew Elliot and Chairman John Mills about a potential merger. 


On the last occasion we offered John Mills the chairmanship of a merged entity and Matthew Elliot CEO in an attempt to break the deadlock. 


It appears Vote Leave board has taken its own action to remove or control Matthew Elliot and Domnic Cummings.

We hope that the Vote Leave board is now open to what the majority of people want , a United Brexit campaign. 

"Leave.EU has some 500,000 supporters and is now owned by its members, who have given their money to the campaign.


 Over 3,000 individuals have donated and the number is growing daily by the hundreds. Our campaign will be owned by the public and partially funded too.


We have 1,200 local councillors , 3,000 supporters on the ground campaigning, 2,000 SME businesses , all pulling together. 

"With nearly 415,000 Facebook likes already we shall have more Facebook support than the Labour Party by the end of the week.  


We have a call centre in Bristol phoning thousands of supporters every day and converting social media interest into registered supporters. 

"This massive engagement reaches upward of 10 million people a week. It is twice the size of Vote Leave and the In Campaign combined.

"Our key social media advisors, Cambridge Analytica, delivered victory for Ted Cruz against Donald Trump in the Iowa vote. We continue to roll-out targeted social media into the campaign with an average of 5,000 people a day joining the movement.

"Vote Leave is owned by Matthew Elliot and Dominic Cumming and by their actions they have shown they care more about the ownership of the campaign than coming together to win the referendum.  


The fact they own the company is unacceptable in what is a public campaign. 

"We are bitterly disappointed that they have put their careers in politics before the national interest and winning but heartened there appears to be a change in train. 

"The latest proposal from Vote Leave of a two referendum strategy where they ask the public to Vote Out, to secure a better deal inside the EU, is not acceptable from a campaign that purports to want the UK to leave the EU.

"A recent article in The Times by Danny Finklestein highlights the stupidity of this approach.

"The two referendum proposal rules Vote Leave out as the officially designated campaign since it is not campaigning to leave !

"Leave.EU is a non political campaign but the recently-launched cross-party Grassroots Out (GO) looks fresh and unblemished by the dispute. We hope politicians of all parties will get behind GO as the real voice of grassroots campaigning."

Andy Wigmore, Director of Communications at Leave.EU, has also offered a cautious welcome: "If the rumors are true about Matthew Elliot and Dominic Cummings stepping down from the board of Vote Leave, then the major obstacles to a full merger between our campaigns has been removed.  We urge Lord Lawson, Steve Baker and Bernard Jenkin to pick up the phone as soon as possible, so we can finally come together and fight this referendum as a single united front."

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