Leave.EU comment on the 'FTSE 100' Letter
23 February 2016

Commenting on the 'FTSE 100 letter' due to be published in Tuesday's Times, Leave.EU co-founder, Richard Tice said:


The PM has admitted using taxpayers' money and applying pressure on FTSE chairmen and CEOs  to sign a letter of support in the same way as he pressured ministers. One wonders what favours some of them expect in return. 


We remember well how many large businesses and EU funded groups like the CBI said we should join the euro. How wrong they were. 


It is also interesting to note however that numerous large multinational businesses like JCB, Toyota, Nissan, Vauxhall, Airbus among others have, over recent months,  confirmed without pressure from the PM, that Brexit would make no difference to their UK investment plans or UK job numbers. Just last week HSBC decided to keep their HQ in London when they could easily have moved it or deferred a decision.


The truth is that despite the bullying of a Prime Minister who has no real business experience, it is other normal commercial factors which will determine the continued success of British businesses to invest and grow. Brexit will reduce unnecessary regulatory burdens and cost on business, which can be used to invest in more jobs not less. 

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