France’s Interior Minister TEARS APART the Calais scare story
05 March 2016

France’s Interior Minister TEARS APART the Calais scare story on French TV, plus Leave.EU blasts BBC bias and ‘Stronger In’ lies


“With Bernard Cazeneuve, the French Interior Minister, having now confirmed for a third time that there is ‘no question’ of the border moving from Calais to Dover after Brexit, I hope we can finally bury the Prime Minister’s nightmare vision of the Jungle decamping to Kent ‘overnight’,” said Leave.EU co-chairman Arron Banks.


“The position Cazeneuve outlined last October and confirmed as official policy in February was clearly reiterated: “We need to send a strong signal that we will not let [migrants] cross the border. If we open the border tomorrow, what will happen? The English, who are masters of their own border, will block the arrival of the migrants and send them back to France, in which case we will have encouraged an influx and worsened a humanitarian problem”.


“He also reiterated his very clear view that tearing up Le Toquet would encourage people-smugglers, which is completely at odds with French policy.


“But another interview should not have been necessary to drive a stake through the heart of this absurd scare story, really. It only gained legs as a result of the pro-EU campaign lying directly to the public about the subject, putting up notices on social media at least six times yesterday claiming that the French president had ‘confirmed border checks will move from Calais to Dover’ if we leave the EU, for example.


“Of course he did nothing of the kind the kind, only making vague threats about ‘consequences’ for the British public while David Cameron, to his shame, stood smiling dumbly beside him.


“Yes, the French economy minister Emmanuel Macron gave these consequences some shape when he wrongly connected the current border arrangements to the EU, but he was slapped down in no uncertain terms by Cazeneuve shortly afterwards, who told ITN that ‘We'd like to go on building with Great Britain a good immigration policy, especially at Calais’ after Brexit, and, for good measure, ‘Marcon is not involved in immigration policy in France’.


“He went further in his French interview, underlining the fact that he was responsible for immigration policy, telling the economy minister to ‘devote himself entirely to his own task’ and accusing him of publicity-seeking.


“Sadly, it seems that broadcasters such as BBC are only too eager to lend strength to the pro-EU campaign’s lies, reporting extensively on Macron’s brief remarks and the Hollande’s vague threats, building up the impression of ‘uncertainty’ which the Prime Minister wants to create.


“The Interior Minister’s extensive and categorical statements dismissing the possibility of any uncertainty, meanwhile, have received no prominent coverage – if any coverage at all – with our extensive rebuttals being boiled down to content-free soundbites like ‘but Leave campaigners said this was scaremongering’.


“Is this a result of sheer journalistic laziness, or is it the bias of omission our campaign has previously raised concerns about? It seems that the regulators need to step in and lay down the law, either way, because as things stand our publicly-funded broadcasters are leaving out what should be major stories from their referendum coverage and allowing Cameron to dictate the terms of the debate.”

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