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Leave.EU played a decisive role in the British public’s historic vote to leave the EU on June 23rd.

The campaign is remaining active throughout the UK’s exit negotiations to make sure that those in power get the best deal possible for the UK.

We will be documenting events, outcomes and decisions on a daily basis. Leave.EU in its new form is also dedicated to cutting through the noise as well as the scaremongering over the outcome of a historic referendum. We will also be working tirelessly to ensure that pre-referendum promises are met and that those in government who campaigned for Britain to remain in the EU are held to account over the course of their discussions in Brussels and the EU’s 27 other capitals. 

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Liz Bilney CEO

Our Vision

Leave.EU is dedicated to providing the public with information on the effects of leaving the EU. From the very beginning, we knew that once armed with the facts and presented with the many opportunities available to the United Kingdom, the British public would vote in favour of leaving the leaving the EU. The next step for Leave.EU is to provide a regular flow of information on the Brexit process.

Leaving the EU does not mean leaving Europe.  We love Europe, its people, and its cultures.  We love its diverse mix of countries and enjoy the access we have to them.  We have voted to leave an undemocratic state of disunion which is called the European Union.

By voting to leave the EU, we are taking back control of our sovereignty, we will be able to put in place our own policies and laws on immigration and our economy, including industry and energy. Agriculture and fishing will also benefit from falling under national administration for the first time in over forty years. We will now be able to take back control of our country.

In time we will be able to improve upon our position as the 5th largest economy in the world by taking back control of our finances and trade deals. We are now in a position to dictate our own trade agreements with the rest of the world.

Now that the people have expressed their wish to leave the EU, it is up to the UK government to carry out that wish and they have promised to do just that.

Leave.EU is well placed as a movement to highlight the options available to the UK and to keep the public abreast of the latest discussions.

We will also follow the impact on the economy and the political framework that’s in place. Our focus will be assuring that the will of the British people is implemented. There are various trading models that could be explored, for example, a Norway-plus type model, or a looser Canada-style relationship. However matters develop, Leave.EU will be there to provide up-to-the-minute insight.
To keep updated on the latest daily news and progress of an EU-free Britain, and for a clearer understanding of what that means, visit our website and sign up to our newsletter. We will be running a dedicated office for a successful exit from the EU for the next two years, and beyond if necessary.

If we feel that the public’s wishes are not being followed – we will shout from the rooftops in line with our original pledge of being The People’s Movement: we will represent the voice of the British grassroots that was heard so loudly at the EU referendum. Let’s make sure our voice continues to be heard – we know what we can achieve when we unite.

Supporters from all walks of life are joining our grassroots campaign, our Ambassadors, business owners, cross party Councillors and other Leave groups are joining the movement today, see what they think and have your say. Join now - together we stand for change.

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Richard Tice

Our Ambassadors

We are building a panel of people from all walks of life who advocate leaving the EU; our ambassadors represent real people and their views. They speak on behalf of Leave.EU, and seek to portray the vision of the masses.

Whether your interest and background is in education, the military, farming, business, as a housewife or husband, you will be able to identity with this visionary group, and find out how leaving the EU will positively impact your circumstances. We believe that when you know the benefits of leaving the EU (and the implications of staying), you will choose to vote 'Leave' at the upcoming referendum on EU membership.

Support from other 'leave' groups

We all have the same objective on the Leave front - and that’s to build as much support as we can to win the 'Leave' vote.

The Leave groups mutually endorse each other’s efforts, and embrace the specific focus of each Leave Group. Take a look at some of the endorsements from our fellow leave Groups here:

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