On democracy & law

Leaving the EU would give us more control of our own laws and regulations

  • Brussels, Luxembourg and Strasbourg are responsible for more than half of the UK’s legislation.
  • The UK government was taken to court 23 times for failing to implement EU law between 2007 and 2011.
  • UK influence inside the EU is dwindling. We currently have Less than 13% of the votes in the EU Parliament  – when we first joined, we had almost 20%.
  • The top 100 EU regulations cost the UK economy £33.3 billion per year. Since 2010, the EU has introduced over 3,500 new laws affecting British business.
  • The EU has passed over half a million pages of law since its inception in 1957.

The UK currently has very little influence in the EU. It’s incredibly difficult to make changes, and we’re consistently outvoted in the EU Parliament. The same applies in the Council where the UK says "No" to EU proposals more than every nation but one. 

More worryingly, EU regulations are transposed into UK national law without passing through Parliament - regulations which have proved incredibly costly for British business.

Leaving the EU would free Britain up from the masses of red tape dished out by Brussels, saving billions of pounds across UK industry (which in turn would mean lower prices for consumers).

What is more, it would give Britain back control of its own laws, which would ensure that our national parliament remains a genuine, legitimate and democratic force. The UK is one of the world’s oldest democracies, with a robust and mature legal system. Consequently, we believe that we should be free to have the final say over any laws that are implemented in our country.

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