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The Government has a busy two-plus years ahead. Not only does it have to get a good deal out of Brussels and Berlin, which it should, but it also has a duty to open up trade links with the much bigger world lying beyond Europe’s shores, the Commonwealth in particular. Leave.EU will be making its expectations known by closely following the Government’s activity, offering analysis on what’s being done and recommending what should be done.


Leaving the European Union is a unique opportunity for Britain to play to its strengths in an increasingly globalised and interconnected world.

The nature of global trade has changed beyond all recognition since we joined the EEC in 1973. The architects of the European Union knew nothing of the internet, modern communication technology, low-cost air travel, and mass container shipping. Today it is as easy to agree a transaction in Columbo or Calcutta as it is in Berlin or Bratislava. Moreover, Britain has a natural advantage in English speaking countries. With its ties around the world through migration, trade, and shared culture, it makes no sense for the UK to be locked into a regional customs union.

Addressing Britain’s new-found freedom to arrange trade deals on her own terms, Liam Fox has been appointed in a new key role in Theresa May’s Cabinet – Secretary of State for International Trade. This new role clearly emphasises Britain’s desire to be trading around the world, moving towards a broader focus than just Europe.

The Commonwealth

One key gain of leaving the EU will be the restoration of Britain’s seat on the World Trade Organisation. The Commonwealth will also play an important role in Britain’s post-Brexit global position. Countries such as Canada, Australia, and New Zealand have already voiced a desire to sign trade agreements with Britain. Liam Fox has already established a working committee with our Australian cousins to prepare trade terms to be signed as soon as is legal.

At the outset of the “Asian century”, interest from India, China, and South Korea opens the door to huge trade opportunities that did not exist before. Global growth forecasts for Asia and for the Commonwealth greatly outstrip those of the Eurozone. Rising economic actors across Asia, Africa, and South America offer unlimited opportunities for UK business.

Now is the time for Britain to go global. Unleashed from the shackles of a declining European customs union and its increasingly burdensome regulations, Britain can flourish as a global player like never before!


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