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31 August 2016

Anna Soubry, MP and Remainer, appears to have contradicted herself with her bewildering pro-EU rhetoric, again.

As one of the founders of Open Britain, a reincarnation of the underwhelming Stronger In campaign due to launch later this week, Soubry put her name to its introductory article in the Sunday Times, which called for free movement of people to be reformed, claiming “free movement of people cannot continue as it has done”.

At first glance, a noteworthy admission from previous Remain campaigners who appeared wholly oblivious to the plight suffered by many working class UK citizens at the hands of uncontrolled immigration from within the European Union. Perhaps they have taken heed from the electorate and have finally woken up from their European utopia to smell the sweet aroma of Brexit?

Unfortunately not, it would appear this sense of realism was either short-lived, a token gesture in an attempt to revive a freefalling political career or perhaps she simply didn’t read the article she has put her name to.
Soubry’s tiresome, whining rhetoric, for reasons unknown to us, was given airtime on Radio 4 this morning; she used the opportunity to passionately campaign once more for the preservation of free movement of labour.

Asked whether she advocates free movement of people, Soubry replied, “Yes. That is my view. I believe in the free movement of labour from the EU.”

She qualifies her response by explaining to us ordinary folk that she wants British business to be able to rely on hard-working labour from around the world. One wonders whether she listened to the arguments made by Brexiteers during the campaign, or whether her own ill-informed view drowned out anyone else’s coherent, logical opinion – as this is exactly what Brexiteers campaigned for. Has she failed to understand that uncontrolled EU migration directly affects the quotas set by the government for non-EU skilled workers?

Approximately 50% of migrants to the UK are EU nationals, yet the EU comprises of just 7% of the world population. Free movement enables EU workers, irrespective of skills, English proficiency and it would appear, a criminal record, the unqualified right to live and work in the UK. However, a skilled doctor from India, or a Chinese engineer? You guessed it – you’re not allowed in because we’re under pressure to reach a wholly unattainable immigration target as long as we adhere to the principles of free movement.

Not only does Soubry contradict herself at every corner, her arrogance prevents her from even entertaining the idea that free movement within a small – relatively speaking – trade bloc is discriminatory, inequitable and extremely counter-productive for UK businesses.

Perhaps Soubry should take her sacking from the Cabinet as a clear indication that the new leader of the country rejects her intolerable view, and frankly, the vast majority of the country does too.