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The Brexit can has been kicked down the road yet again with the European Council agreeing to a Brexit extension to 31 October – Halloween. The proposed extension was formally agreed in a letter to Donald Tusk from the UK’s ambassador to the EU Sir Tim Barrow, despite prime minister Theresa May telling the House of Commons last month that she was “not prepared to delay Brexit any further than 30 June”. Her word proves worthless yet again…

If we don’t get a new leader soon, expect Halloween to simply be another stopgap ahead of another extension, much as April 12 was. Remember we were meant to leave on March 29. We were then told the exit date was tomorrow unless we passed May’s wretched withdrawal agreement, which we did not.

With a European Council scheduled on October 17, expect another delay to March 31 2020 ahead of EU budget discussions in April unless we find ourselves with a leader with the vision and courage to take us out of the European project without a deal.

The Tories remain in free fall in the opinion polls because of May’s horrific mishandling of the Brexit process. A new poll from BMG Research shows the Conservatives down ten points to 29% while UKIP and the Brexit Party both surge. Labour are also down three points, but command a two point lead over the Tories.

What an absolute shambles. With May handing control of Brexit over to Corbyn with cross-party talks, it’s only appropriate that her incompetence might well usher in a Marxist-led government too.

The need for fresh leadership in the Tory Party is clearer than ever. If May doesn’t have the decency to resign today, her hand might well be forced by enterprising Conservative backbenchers. Due to a quirk in the Conservative Party constitution, May is presently immune from another leadership ballot until January next year.

But the constitution does have a provision to amend the constitution with a petition of 10,000 Tory members. The Telegraph reports that several MPs are trying to organise such a document to pave the way for an early leadership vote, working with friendly association chairmen to spread the word. We wonder if they’ve taken any inspiration from our deselection campaign – which, incidentally, may claim another victory shortly…