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22 October 2018

Dear Voter,

Your Conservative MP Damian Collins is a disgrace.

Despite representing a constituency that voted 62-38 in favour of Brexit, Mr Collins, who voted Remain, has never respected the result. He is a snake in the grass.

Over the summer he shared a platform at the Left-wing Momentum-style Byline Festival with Guardian journalists. The event was sponsored by CAGE, a group with dubious links to Islamic groups. Some MP! Some Conservative!

Mr Collins also chairs the parliamentary select committee on Digital, Culture, Media and Sport. Every member of this committee voted to Remain and – surprise surprise – during its recent inquiry into ‘fake news’ not a single person who backed Remain was called to give evidence. Mr Collins used his position to launch a pathetic witch-hunt against Brexit.

I was called to give evidence to this inquiry. I spent three-and-a-half hours defending my reputation while some very low grade MPs took pot shots at me. As a famous American General once said: “Politicians are the lowest form of life!”

Of course, the irony is that the Remain side pumped out plenty of fake news during the referendum campaign via Project Fear. We were warned that if we voted to leave the EU there would have to be an emergency Treasury budget; everyone was told they would be £4,300 worse off; and it was claimed 500,000 jobs would be lost. Talk about misinformation.

It’s clear Damian Collins would betray the democratic instructions of his own constituents if he had the chance, which is why I encourage you to put his position into question by joining the Conservatives and applying pressure from within the party. It takes moments to join online by visiting www.conservatives.com/join.

It is also likely that a Conservative Party leadership contest will be held in the next three to six months. New members are eligible to vote after just three months. Joining the party would therefore put you in a position to choose the next Prime Minister, and the future of the country.

The Conservative Party needs to change radically. I would urge you to join up and make your voice heard.

It’s time to make the Conservatives Conservative again.

Yours faithfully,

Arron Banks, Leave.EU Chairman­­