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Responding to Tony Blair’s speech for Open Britain, Leave.EU co-founder Arron Banks said

“Tony Blair did the Brexit cause a big favour today by reminding voters of the rotten, out-of-date establishment politics that they’ve come to hate.

“He pulled the wool over our eyes for a decade and won three general elections, but he left office in disgrace and will be remembered as a pathological liar who led us into the Iraq war and drove immigration to unsustainable levels.

“Today he repeated the same tired arguments that failed last year and will continue to fail. He’s totally detached from ordinary people, he doesn’t understand their concerns.

“In his speech, Blair spent a lot of time attacking Brexit ideologues, but refused to be open about his own obsessive Europhile ideology. He was the Prime Minister who wanted to lead us into the disastrous euro currency, willingly opened our borders to Eastern Europe, and increased our already massive EU budget contributions by giving up part of our hard-won rebate.

“Open Britain was supposed to now be campaigning for a softer Brexit. Mr Blair has clearly hijacked the platform in a last desperate bid to ingratiate himself with the public after the horrific betrayals he committed over the Iraq War that rightly destroyed his public image.

“He should bear in mind that our huge historic vote for national independence on June 23rd was a rejection of the mad European project that he spent much of his political life championing. He needs to reflect on his failure rather than trying to re-run an argument that he lost decisively.”