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Thursday 26 July 2018

Arron Banks responds to Channel 4’s numerous and serious allegations against him, including gun running and an attempted military coup in Lesotho: 

“The South African Police have confirmed that the Channel 4 source is under investigation for fraud and that the file has been passed to the state prosecutor to consider charges.

“The allegations made by the Channel 4 source were never investigated and no file against me has been opened.”

In relation to the allegations, we sought to acquire weapons for the purpose of the coup: 

“We have had a number of armed robberies at the mines, one causing a serious injury to a staff member involving firearms.

“We have an obligation to our staff and their families to secure our facilities.

“All diamond mines have security staff that carry firearms and the weapons mentioned in the emails are in common use in SA.

“The idea that you could start a military coup against an army of tanks, helicopters and hundreds of men, equipped only with a few Walther PPK 9mm and a few repeat action shotguns stretches
the idea to destruction.

“Channel 4 is the new the British CNN.