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16 November 2016

The Trump effect is more, as the man himself put it, than Brexit plus plus plus. It is nothing less than a revolution, not just in American and global politics, but in the way we see politics and in the way we do politics.

I saw first-hand in Mississippi how Mr Trump had rallied thousands and thousands of people to his banner: a forgotten generation of voters who had given up on elections after being trodden down by the inexorable march of globalisation. Bursting with patriotism and enthusiasm, they had now found a candidate who would speak for them.

After his landslide win over Hillary Clinton, I was fortunate enough to be able to meet Mr Trump with Nigel Farage — a man he clearly recognises as a fellow revolutionary and whose advice on building bridges would prove invaluable to Theresa May, if her vanity doesn’t get the best of her.

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