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Tuesday 10 December 2019

We’ve entered the final 48 hours of campaigning. Naturally, little Jack and other children who have been poorly accommodated and treated at the hands of “our” NHS are dominating the newsfeed.

Viral images of a little boy having to sleep on the floor of an infirmary are being somewhat distastefully lorded over by Labour, “there’s a child in distress at the hands of the Tories, fantastic”. Putting the hysteria to one side for a moment, the department of health’s budget in 2018/19 was £115bn, the Tories are promising a £34bn cash injection, that’s just shy of a third, a phenomenal boost in funding.

Even then, so long as there are social media trigger happy Labour activists with children to take to hospital, there will always be opportunities to make an example of the Tories for not caring and not spending enough. Britain’s population is set to become older, demands on the NHS will increase exponentially. Even without that ever-increasing burden, the cost of new innovations in healthcare rival Venezuela for price inflation. Nigel has been the most brave and open in saying we need to incentivize private healthcare in this country as a way of addressing spiraling costs that will never be kept under control, not that the mainstream media would ever give his calls the consideration they deserve.

However, this sorry story might turn out to be blessing for the Tories, reminding Leave voters a Tory majority is not in the bag after all. Complacency has been a much greater concern throughout this election campaign than Mr Corbyn.

Yesterday, Boris tried to deflect attention away from the NHS by putting a fat question mark over the License fee. “Boris threat to axe BBC TV licence” write the Express on today’s front page.

“What I certainly think is that the BBC should cough up and pay for the licences for over-75s as they promised to do,” said Boris “But at this stage, we are not planning to get rid of all TV licences though I’m certainly looking at it.” The prime minister went on to highlight the sustainable finances of other broadcasters. Why can’t the BBC go the same way? Very good question.

The liberal media, foremost among them the BBC of course, are dismissing Boris’s threat as a cynical ploy to detract attention away from yesterday’s unfortunate events, but that doesn’t matter, a popular pledge is a popular pledge.

Finally, Lord Sugar, once a major donor to Tony Blair’s New Labour and a lifelong supporter of the party has urged voters to back the Tories at this election.

 “Jeremy Corbyn has turned Labour into a negative anti-business party that is clueless on how the economy works. His £1.2 trillion spending splurge is complete madness,” the apprentice star writes in the Sun.

“the most significant election in my lifetime, as a former Jewish Labour man, this is a difficult thing for me to write.

“On Thursday, it’s time for Sun readers to tell Corbyn to resign and get a sensible person to take the helm and make Labour great again.”