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Following huge victories for common sense in Austria and the Czech Republic, Hungary’s patriotic leader Viktor Orban is newly emboldened. Yesterday he hit out at the European Union for attempting to erase markers of national identity, warning that the Hungarian way of life is “under threat by those seeking to make European nations identical”.

“If freedom and national independence are lost, then we will be, too. Soviet rule pushed us into a space without history; it wanted to destroy our past and our culture” said Mr Orban.

He was speaking at an event intended to remember an anti-Soviet uprising of 1956, and drew harrowing parallels between the EU and the old USSR.

“We wanted to believe that the communists’ dream to turn us into Homo Sovieticus could never reemerge. But now we are stunned to see the forces of globalisation prying at the door working to mould us Hungarians into Homo Brusselicus.”

With the Eurocrat elites continuing to fight tooth and nail with the increasingly influential Visegard alliance on the pivotal issue of illegal migration from the Middle East and North Africa, perhaps we won’t have much longer to wait before leaders like Mr Orban see the wisdom of Brexit and join us outside this corrupt bloc.

Perhaps those tensions will only be exacerbated by the most recent delusional comments of Turkish tyrant Recep Erdogan. “A Europe without Turkey is only going to face isolation, desperation and civil strife. Turkey does not need Europe. Europe is the one that is in need” he said, adding that “Turkey and its full membership is the cure for their chronic problems.”

Turkey’s aspiration to EU membership was a significant theme in the Brexit referendum, and the idea of piling 80m more people into the dysfunctional European Union must strike fear into the hearts of Hungarians, Poles, and Czechs.

Meanwhile the BBC’s once-respected flagship current affairs show Newsnight hit out at Leave.EU chairman Arron Banks last night with a disgraceful “report” filled with smears and fake news.

But the devious report did have one major selling point: after broadcasting the biased attack, Newsnight host Evan Davis was forced to read a statement given to the show by Mr Banks.

“It comes as no surprise that Newsnight would join the party at this late stage with their own particular type of trashy News of The World journalism” read Evan Davis. “After allegations of me being a Russian spy, part of a worldwide conspiracy to subvert democracy, the only surprise is how long it’s taken for Newsnight to have a pop at me.”

“BBC Fake News is alive and well.” Priceless. After embarrassing Newsnight, it’s no wonder that paranoid Remoaner MP Ben Bradshaw remains silent on Banks’ challenge to a televised debate.