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Friday 12 October 2018

Reports seeping out of Westminster, Brussels and Belfast this week have cast aside any notion the government will pursue a sovereign Brexit. Chequers may have been chucked, but Brexiteers must now brace themselves for the Customs Union, indefinitely.

Our only hope are the DUP, who found themselves betrayed this week before immediately striking back at Theresa May. If only the so-called patriots in the Cabinet, whom the Ulstermen challenged to show their Unionist credentials, could show similar backbone.

But the DUP are not the only Brexiteers landing broadsides on the establishment. On Sunday, it was reported in the Observer that Blue Wave’s campaign to remove Sarah Wollaston from her Totnes seat had rattled the Tory traitor calling for a second referendum.

Wollaston’s constituency includes Brixham, which thanks to the EU, has seen its once thriving fishing industry ripped to shreds. “I think she’s there for her own political aims and nothing else,” an ex-fisherman told Westmonster.

“We can get her deselected. She is not doing what we want her to do and what the majority of her constituents want her to do,” said another constituent. You can read Westmonster’s report from the field here and watch the video here.

The former GP has cultivated a woolly reputation for being a thoughtful MP allowing her to switch from one extreme to the other over the subject of Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union. Not any longer.

Appealing to his former allies in the political centre, Boris Johnson tweeted a message of support for Wollaston only to be taken down a peg by Telford MP Lucy Allan. See Westmonster’s piece on other Tories who followed Allan in denouncing Wollaston.

Blue Wave is broadening its horizons. As well as engaging with hundreds of thousands of disgruntled Leavers in Leave constituencies like Totnes represented by treasonous Remainers we are now also boosting the profiles of MPs like Allan who are faithful to the cause.

As the table below shows, our campaign to unsettle anti-Brexit MPs using social media ads is getting real traction, delivering vital blows to the party’s liberal core as it prepares for the ultimate U-turn over Brexit, which is why we urge you to contribute to Blue Wave.

The week kicked off with DUP leader Arlene Foster’s arrival in Brussels for three days of talks with Michel Barnier and other EU officials. Of all places, it was there, in the EU’s capital that Foster learned the government was planning on keeping Northern Ireland in the Single Market, while the rest of the UK would remain in the Customs Union. Not under any circumstances an acceptable arrangement for either region, but in treating the two differently the government was also riding roughshod over its confidence and supply agreement with the DUP.

Barnier then sought to rub salt into the wounds he’d been allowed to inflict by declaring a deal with the UK was now “within reach” by next week when EU leaders meet for a crunch summit.

Foster fired back with the kind of intent all too lacking in Westminster, threatening to have the upcoming budget derailed. Yesterday, DUP MP Sammy Wilson hinted the deal made with Tories could only remain intact if May goes.

Spot on. May must go. Yesterday, Tory backbencher Mark Pritchard pointed out over Twitter that it would take only two weeks to replace her. There’s still time to get the right outcome before this Article 50 shambles is over.

Other than donating you can add extra pressure by emailing your MP and reminding them the public will not stand for becoming an EU colony by remaining in the Customs Union. You can find their details here. We have also prepared an email for you to send.

The establishment are gearing up to dish out the same treatment delivered to the DUP, Brexiteers must do everything to stop them.