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Friday 24 August 2018 

Leave.EU’s campaign, battling for Brexiteers to deliver a Blue Wave, has already had a big impact. Thanks to you, the establishment are seriously worried.

Our call for patriots to stand with us and join the Conservative Party to back a Brexiteer in a future leadership contest has rattled The Guardian. They describe our campaign as a “right-wing danger”. That’s because they know the prospect of a Brexiteer leader supported by all of you would demolish Labour and the Remain establishment.

Lord Hague wrote about our campaign in The Telegraph and made clear his opposition to members being given further power. We wonder why!

Just today we have another Project Fear forecast from the Treasury, seeking to shut down Brexit just as they did before the Referendum.

The truth is that a Blue Wave, led by Leave.EU and our fantastic supporters, is now on the way. Those of us who believe in independence are mobilising and uniting once again for the good of the country.

It is a prospect that terrifies the pro-EU establishment. You can play your part by joining the Conservative Party and donating to Leave.EU here.

We have big plans for the coming months. Just as you, the British people, sent a shockwave through the Westminster establishment in 2016, now is the time to unite behind a Brexiteer leader to deliver the independence our country so desperately requires. Let’s keep going.