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Thursday 26 September 2019

The Commons reached boiling point yesterday as Boris Johnson launched a scathing attack on our pathetic Remain Parliament, which was re-opened yesterday after the Supreme Court controversially ruled prorogation unlawful.

In a powerful rebuke, Boris threw down the gauntlet to the leader of the opposition. “Will they have the courage to act, or will they refuse to take responsibility, and do nothing but dither and delay?” said Johnson, in a taunt to the opposition to table a motion of no confidence. A  glance at the polls reveals why Labour are dodging the Prime Ministers challenge.

Johnson wasn’t finished. The PM dissected Labour’s attempts to wage “lawfare” and their use devious mechanisms to delay and frustrate Brexit. “All that matters to them is an obsessive desire to overrule the referendum result,” fired Johnson before turning his attention to Jeremy Corbyn opposite. He accused the Labour leader of being “held captive by his colleagues” over the issue of Brexit, which he has dithered over since at least the 2017 general election.

The Prime Minister exposed the hypocrisy which lies deep within Labour. The opposition claim to care desperately about democracy whilst simultaneously refusing to engage with the issues facing ordinary people, attempting to silence 2016 referendum result.

It was a strong and defiant performance from a prime minister under unprecedented levels of attack from the Remain establishment who are desperate to stop Brexit at any cost. Brexiteers finally have a PM capable of fighting their corner inside Parliament.

Labour continue to show a disregard for their traditional base, many of whom voted for Brexit. The party have provided a further insult to their old voter-core. Labour’s next manifesto will smash all border controls, it was announced yesterday. Proposed Labour measures include rejecting any immigration system based on incomes, migrants’ utility to business, and caps/targets. All detention centres will be closed too.

Nigel Farage picked up on the insane Labour proposal, labelling the opposition the “party of open-door mass migration without control.” The Leader of the Brexit Party also added: “Old Labour voters will be appalled by this.” 

As ever, Nigel is not wrong. Labour have all but completed their transition away from the party of the working class to the party of the metropolitan liberal elite.

The people are not fooled by the trickery and tactics of the Remain parliament. 52% of people agree the “Establishment want to stop Brexit” with just 28% disagreeing. Even more, telling is that 64% of Labour voters want an early general lecetion, with 61% of Conservative voters also wanting an early election.

Corbyn cannot keep dodging the people forever. One day, he will have to face the people or pay a heavy price at the ballot box.