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Wednesday 11 September 2019

Boris Johnson is scrambling for answers on how to deliver a clean break on the 31st October when he is faced with the anti-Brexit forces within Parliament. The PM believes “loads of people” want an agreement with the EU and is seemingly attempting to remain optimistic about the chances of delivering Brexit by the deadline. Possible solutions Boris has offered have included trusted-trader schemes as well as technological solutions.

Just like the Backstop, these solutions come with entrenched problems which drive right to the heart of Brexit. Any checks between Northern Ireland and the mainland will be a burden and cause a division between the UK and Northern Ireland. Tariffs simply must not be allowed to happen, they will cause a deepen any division and must never be allowed to be a part of any potential agreement.

What the PM must be cautious of is falling into a Barnier made trap. Under the withdrawal agreement there will not be any tariffs so there will be huge political momentum behind preserving the status quo in the future trade agreement – staying in the Customs Union and Single Market. The PM must be vigilant to the deviousness of the European Union.

The Prime Minister is under such pressure to deliver a deal, he floundered in his meeting with Irish Taiosech Leo Varadkar. Boris said delivering Brexit without a deal “would be a failure of state craft for which we would all be responsible.” Statements such as this are giving Johnson a weaker negotiating hand. Varadkar is under even more pressure than the British Prime Minister is to deliver a deal, Boris needs to be weary of not backing down and picking one of Barnier’s proposals off the shelf.

A caller into LBC offered an ingenious solution. The caller bamboozled LBC presenter Iain Dale with his idea to revoke Article 50, hold an election, invoke Article 50 and then leave the EU as soon as possible.  “I think you might deserve a peerage for getting them out a hole with that suggestion.” suggested Dale. No solution delivering a true Brexit can be ruled out at this stage with a Remain Parliament desperate to stop Brexit at all costs.

Yesterday also provided a stark reminder of why we need a clean break from the EU. Ursula von der Leyen presented her team and the new structure of the next European Commission. In classic European Union style, the candidates were not without controversy. Didier Reynders, the new European Commissioner for Justice was at the heart of a Belgian race row in 2015. One clown removed, another takes his place…

Nigel has moved in to help Boris, offering Boris Johnson a “non-aggression pact” between the Tories and the Brexit Party which he believes would deliver a large majority in an election. Brexit mastermind Farage said “If we get an election, an alliance between Boris and myself done intelligently, with a clear message, I think we’ll be unstoppable.”

We must be thankful for the Brexit Party, ready and waiting to punish the Tories if they try and pass a rehashed version of May’s surrender deal. If we are to get the Brexit we voted for in 2016, the pressure from Farage’s party is going to crucial.

 Boris Johnson must be wise and grasp Nigel’s offer with both hands.