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30 November 2015

The Conservative Party’s establishment campaign purporting to lead Britain out the European Union (EU) has taken another hit today as it emerged that one of their most senior advisers and staff members Richard Murphy has left the campaign and joined the UK Independence Party (UKIP)-backed Leave.EU group, run by Arron Banks.

The revelation comes just days after Mr. Banks offered a truce to Vote Leave’s boss Matthew Elliott following a spat of infighting amongst the Eurosceptics.

Followers of Mr. Banks’s group have levelled the charge at the Tory backed campaign that they are not “real” eurosceptics, pointing to the EU expansionist rhetoric of the likes of Daniel Hannan MEP, as well as Mr. Elliott’s claims that the group is keen to see Mr. Cameron’s “renegotiation” ploy succeed.

Insiders have told Breitbart London today that Mr. Murphy’s defection across groups is a reflection of the fact that Vote Leave is out of cash, and wanted to challenge the grassroots dominance of Mr. Banks’s campaign by “astro-turfing” grassroots support, rather than building real local branches.

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