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Friday 22 November

Nigel Farage has claimed the Brexit Party will not be launching a “manifesto” as the term is synonymous with lies. Given that Labour and the Liberal Democrats claimed in their last manifestos they would respect the 2016 referendum result, the Brexit Party leader certainly has a point. Instead, Farage will launch a “contract with the British people”.

The list of policies on offer from the Brexit Party show Farage hasn’t lost his knack for knowing people’s priorities. The party would cap permanent migration at 50,000 a year, abolish the House of Lords and scrap the license fee in a bid to modernise the BBC.

Farage said: “The idea that we should be paying over 150 quid a year as a tax to keep the BBC going in its current form is just an anachronism and we shall be proposing today that the BBC license fee is phased out over time.”

The Brexit Party leader knows this is the Brexit election, and he is determined to do his all to pile the pressure on to secure a true Brexit. 

However, the Conservatives now also have a leader with credible ideas which have wide appeal. This morning, Boris Johnson announced he will force foreign buyers to pay extra for homes in England, and use the money directly to tackle homelessness. The extra stamp duty for foreign buyers is expected to raise up to £120 million a year.

Chief Secretary to the Treasury Rishi Sunuk said foreign buyers “inflate house prices” by adding an extra demand to a market with limited housing stock. This is another sensible policy from the Tories, 85% of homes in London’s zone one are sold to overseas buyers, and just a small percentage of these are lived in all-year-round.

All major parties have promised radical action on the climate. However, not to be outdone, the Green Party has launched its manifesto with a sea of unachievable climate promises. The Greens have promised “net zero” emissions by 2030, despite the advisory committee on Climate Change claiming 2050 is the “earlier credible date” for achieving net zero. Refer back to Farage’s earlier statement that the word manifesto is synonymous with lies.

At least the Green Party are clear on their policies. Hartlepools’ Labour MP Mike Hill, denied Labour’s position was a second referendum, and then went on to say Labour would put Labour’s deal or leaving the EU to the people. This just goes to highlight the disarray the Labour Party are in with their position on Brexit. Watch the bizarre car-crash in interview below.

There will be a Question Time special this evening at 7pm, with Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn, Jo Swinson and Nicola Sturgeon facing 30 minutes each of question time.

The ridiculous policies of Labour, the SNP and Lib Dems being put under the magnifying glass can only be good news for the Conservatives.