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Tuesday 24 September 2019

This morning, the Supreme Court ruled the prime minister’s prorogation of Parliament unlawful. In 2017, three of the eleven justices disagreed that Parliament would have to authorise Britain’s departure from the EU, but today’s decision was unanimous. Once again they have shown themselves to be enemies of the people, each and every one of them. 

Hard to believe now, but the day started on a positive note with the National Crime Agency conceding there was “no evidence” in the biased Electoral Commission’s allegations against Leave.EU and campaign chairman Arron Banks. The year-long investigation has been dropped.

A few moments later, the Supreme Court’s constitutional earthquake instantly buried the good news about the NCA. Our pro-Brexit government is now in danger of being ripped apart and Britain’s prospects of leaving the EU are teetering over the abyss. Today will go down as a landmark defeat for the 17.4 million.

Our elites might as well be the Italian mob, except they have the courts on their side.

Ludicrously, Remain campaigners are calling this a victory for democracy: the court’s unelected judges have come to the rescue, reopening Parliament after that fiend Boris had the temerity to honour the will of the people. Boris’s two thwarted attempts to trigger a general election don’t fit into the narrative and go unmentioned.

Boris put it best when questioned by reporters last night. “When it comes to parliamentary scrutiny, what are we missing? Four or five days, when it’s had three years to discuss this issue. Donnez-moi un break.”


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Boris was in store for the exact opposite of a break. The Supreme Court’s president, Lady Hale was quick to rule his suspension of Parliament “justiciable” at this morning’s session in court before declaring the decision “unlawful”.

The “Prime Minister’s advice to Her Majesty was unlawful, void and of no effect…[therefore] Parliament has not been prorogued. This is the unanimous judgment of all 11 Justices,” added Hale, who has openly questioned leaving the European Union in the past. Her pro-EU views are far from unique in the Supreme Court.

It was to get worse. In a bitter twist, John Bercow was asked by the court to take matters further. He has already met with his counterpart in the House of Lords. Parliament will re-open tomorrow. The Queen’s speech is therefore cancelled. A crowing Jeremy Corbyn brought his conference speech forward 24 hours. Boris will leave the UN general assembly in New York tonight.

And to think that only this morning Britain’s prospects of winning back her sovereignty looked decent. Labour’s conference was descending into absolute farce after a Corbyn crony rigged a crucial Brexit vote – he had the gall in his keynote speech to accuse Boris of being anti-democratic. The PM was poised to bash EU leaders’ heads together at the UN and banish the backstop.

Instead, we have another foul reminder of our elites’ ruthless commitment to remaining in the EU. They are as contemptuous of the people as ever.

Time to drain the swamp, now more than ever.