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20 July 2018

Theresa May sold Britain down the river two weeks ago with a senseless Brexit plan at Chequers that would leave us unable to strike comprehensive free trade deals, unable to properly control our borders, and under the continued jurisdiction of the ECJ.

Her pathetic excuse was that this was the only deal that Brussels would accept but, unsurprisingly, the EU has responded to May’s craven behaviour with further demands.

One EU diplomat is quoted as saying that “what the UK has proposed is unacceptable. We have had no progress on the issue” and another told The Guardian that “the white paper is not going to form the basis of the negotiations”.

This is exactly what happens when one behaves in a weak and cowardly fashion in negotiations – smelling weakness, the EU have pounced and made our prime minister their prey. What a sorry state of affairs.

But May isn’t the only one showing herself up. Dopey Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar embarrassed himself yesterday with a bizarre threat to block British planes from flying through Irish airspace, blurting out the following non sequitur: “you can’t take back your waters and then expect to take back other people’s sky”.

One wonders if Varadkar applies the same principle to every other country in the world that isn’t party to the EU’s mad Common Fisheries Policy, and thus controls its own sovereign waters, or if he’s aware that Ireland is totally surrounded by airspace under UK control…

The Europhile political elite are exposing themselves as utterly clueless – it’s more important than ever for Britain to find proper political leadership that can exploit this weakness in our interlocutors rather than one-up them in mindlessness.

One person who shows rare strength on the European political scene is Hungarian patriot Viktor Orban – the one statesman who has done more than any other to battle the shady influence of globalist billionaire George Soros.

Now the unelected European Commission is going to war with Orban over his recent “Stop Soros” laws, which takes aim squarely at the scourge of illegal immigration being encouraged by Soros and the NGOs he backs.

Brussels claims that Hungary is non-compliant in “its asylum and return legislation with EU law” but cares little for the fact that Orban is in total compliance with the will of his own people. They’ve referred the case to the European Court of Justice – unlike Theresa May, expect to see Orban fight…

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