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Friday 1 November 2019

Firstly, we would like to apologise for the absence of the Brunch yesterday. Our website was down, most likely a Remainer attack. We’ll need every penny to make our voice heard at this election, with the Establishment and the Trotskyites desperate to thwart us.

John Bercow ended his ten-year tenure as Speaker yesterday. His time was defined by his bullying nature, and latterly his aggravatingly pro-Remain agenda, leading him to be most creative with convention. Brexiteers can breathe a sigh of relief that the poisonous little man has finally left the chair.

There was time for one last Bercow bust-up though. Labour MP Keith Vaz was suspended from the Commons following his cocaine and prostitutes controversy. The ERG’s Andrew Bridgen slammed Bercow after the Speaker tried to wrap up during a debate on the committee’s report: “It will be clear to the public, that to the fag-end of your tenure in the chair, you are defending the indefensible,” said Bridgen.

He later told the Telegraph: “He’s a bully, and I will not be bullied by people like him. It will be a breath of fresh air to have a new Speaker that conducts themselves in an unbiased and professional way.” Quite.

Labour have still not made a decision on whether to deselect Vaz as a candidate in his constituency of Leicester East. Vaz could end up serving a paltry three-day suspension if he is re-elected as a Labour MP in the upcoming general election.

Today’s big (and it is big) story is Donald Trump’s call to Nigel Farage’s on the Brexit Party leader’s show.

The Donald buried the ludicrous Remainer myth that the National Health Service will be sold off to the USA, with Corbyn asserting at his campaign launch earlier in the day, “the NHS is up for grabs by US corporations in a Trump trade plot.”

“With respect to us taking over your healthcare system, it’s so ridiculous, I think Corbyn put that out there,” responded Trump.

The Remainer lie about the NHS will not hold credence with swing-voters. It’s a shameless, but blatant, lie to the public.

A formal pact between the Brexit Party and the Conservatives has yet to be agreed. However, a Cabinet minister had admitted Brexit Party candidates standing in marginal seats, could in fact help the Tories by drawing votes away from Labour. The minister told the Telegraph: “If the Tory vote held up, Labour’s vote would go down because some traditional Labour voters would be prepared to vote for the Brexit Party, which would help us.”

Leave.EU’s former head of Press Brian Monteith wrote in the Brexit Central “There are many, many Labour voters who will never vote Conservative. They will, however, consider voting for the Brexit Party and in May they turned out in huge numbers to do so”.

The lack of formal pact between the two will not necessarily affect the pro-Brexit vote in a negative fashion. Leave.EU is in the process of making a tactical voting guide for Brexiteers to help ensure the best result possible for the cause on December 12.

A big month of campaigning lies ahead. Thank you for your support.