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Tuesday 29 December

Parliament once again failed to trigger an election under the Fixed Term Parliament Act. 299 votes in favour and 70 against meant the two-thirds threshold to trigger an election was not reached, after Labour abstained from the vote.

Boris hasn’t given up. Today, he will come back to the House with a Bill for a December 12 election, which will require a simple majority, rather than a two-thirds majority. The Prime Minister has said: “The house cannot any longer keep the country hostage… we have a great new deal. It’s time to put that to the voters.”

Boris plans to take Jeremy Corbyn kicking and screaming to an election. The Labour Party are terrified of facing the people, but they are running out of excuses not to. In the Commons Corbyn floundered, and for the first six minutes of his speech failed to mention the election issue at all. Gove slammed Corbyn in his piece for the Telegraph: “Jeremy Corbyn and his lieutenants are spurious excuses to avoid facing the people. Just when there is light at the end of the tunnel, they have called for more tunnel.”

The Liberal Democrats are fussing over the precise date, preferring a date of December 9 rather than December 12. Swinson’s bizarre reasoning is that students are still at university on December 9, in fact almost all university terms continue until December 13. Evidence suggests the impact of a different date on student voting is irrelevant. Swinson is simply using this excuse to try and win a Miniscule victory over Johnson before heading for the general election.

However, the Liberal Democrat leader did accept on Sunday that a second referendum is not going to happen before an election, and she will not be able to pursue the ludicrous idea of votes for 16-year-olds. The Lib Dem leader confirmed the Lib Dems and SNP would help pass the Bill unamended.

This looks to have given Boris a route to a December election. It is certainly looking more likely today than it has done in recent weeks.

Johnson will be itching for an election after having to send a letter to Donald Tusk asking for a Brexit extension. In the letter to Tusk, Boris wrote: “I would have much preferred it if the UK Parliament could have proceeded rapidly to ratify the deal we reached between us. Unfortunately, I very much fear that this Parliament will never do so as long as it has the option of further delay.”

Leave.EU can confirm Boris is not currently dead in a ditch.

Remainers can win every battle where the people are not consulted, it looks like Labour are facing the increasingly likely threat of having to face the British public. Jeremy Corbyn is fast running out of excuses. Judgement day is coming.