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Tuesday 4 December 2018

Geoffrey Cox has confirmed what we already knew. Speaking in Parliament yesterday evening, the attorney general said: “There is no unilateral right for either party to terminate the Irish backstop if activated after the transition period.”

The idea of getting out of the backstop before 2022 was of course always fanciful and Cox has confirmed it. In his trademark booming voice, Britain’s highest-paid barrister – or thereabouts – also told the Commons that the UK could end up trapped in the backstop “indefinitely”. His own legal advice suggested the UK would need a new trade deal, or proof the EU was acting in “bad faith” to escape the backstop trap.

The EU has successfully weaponised the Irish border. Questioned on whether Britain would ever be able to escape from the backstop over Northern Ireland by former Territorial Army officer Sir Desmond Swayne, Cox could only make the situation look even more bleak,  admitting we may need to part with money and open access to our fishing waters as a ransom to finally gain independence.

More money to Brussels? Cox has got to be kidding. And access to British fishing waters too. Fisheries were one of the key issues we were supposedly “taking back control” of. The situation is poised to become worse, not better. As seems usual over the past few weeks, the PM’s deal is a surrender of control rather than taking it back.

Evidently, in recent days resistance to Theresa May’s shocking withdrawal deal has come to a head in a legal sense. Speaker John Bercow has argued the government may have broken parliamentary rules by failing to release the full legal advice over the Brexit deal.

Labour MPs clamouring to add a shred of credibility to their wishes for a second referendum have joined Tory Brexiteers and the DUP in demanding the full legal advice. MP and barrister Nigel Dodds has urged strongly for the full legal text to be released. he has argued the current deal on the table is hugely uncomfortable for Unionists.

Meanwhile, the supposed harmony in Europe pushed by hard-line Remainers has taken a hit in recent days. France has been struck by the worst riots it has seen in decades. The violent anti-government protests have quickly escalated from a protest against fuel tax rises into much broader anti-Macron riots across the country. There were a total of 412 arrests as chaos swept across Paris. The “yellow Jerseys” have taken their fight across the entire nation, putting Macron under enormous pressure.

With polls showing 71% of the French public have no confidence in Globalist Emmanuel Macron. Perhaps the French President should concentrate on matters in his own nation, rather than handing out threats to Britain demanding EU access to our fishing waters.

We can dream. If Europe’s leaders listened to their electorate, France wouldn’t be a virtual war zone and Britain wouldn’t find Itself at the thin end of a disastrous negotiation.