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Tuesday 3 December 2019

 With the clock ticking down to election day, Boris has warned voters that Jeremy Corbyn poses a serious risk to national security.

Johnson made clear that at crucial times in British history, the Labour leader has been on the side of the enemy. The IRA and Palestine are just two examples. In an interview with The Sun, the PM said: “With ten days to go, I want people to start really getting back and focusing on the reality of where we are. The choice at this election is so critical. This is the most critical election of modern times.”

Boris is correct. The choice is stark. This isn’t “Blue Labour”, this is a choice between a Marxist in No.10 who would savage Brexit, or a Conservative Party who would deliver Brexit and embrace its opportunities.

The Prime Minister said Jeremy Corbyn was making a “huge, huge mistake” with his plans to disband NATO. “In 70 years it [NATO] has proved it is absolutely pivotal for our collective security. I think you have to stick up for this country and defend it. You have to take a stand and you have to stick up for British values,” said Boris.

The PM went on to say Corbyn was “naïve” about the threats terrorism poses to the United Kingdom, citing his absurd response to the Kremlin attack in Salisbury.

“Look what happened with the Skripal case. I was Foreign Secretary and I had been organising this global expulsion of spies in response to what Russia had done.

“Twenty-eight countries around the world stood shoulder to shoulder with Britain in deciding that they wanted to back us.

“Then this guy stood up and all he could ask the Prime Minister was had she complied with Russia’s demands to send them some samples of the poison.

“His priorities and his view of our country was completely at odds with what is necessary for keeping us safe.

Boris’s attack on Corbyn comes on the first day of a two-day NATO summit in celebration of the alliance’s 70th anniversary. President Trump touched down in London last night and has immediatly sought to expose Corbyn’s – very likely Russia-backed – NHS propaganda.  

Speaking at a press conference in London this morning, the US president was unequivocal “I don’t know where that rumour started, we have absolutely nothing to do with it. If you handed it to us on a silver platter, we want nothing to do with it.” At last week’s edition of Question Time, American liberal commentator and author, Lionel Shriver pointed out that a privatised NHS “would not be a great investment”. 

The latest Kantar poll has Boris Johnson on a 12 point lead, 44% to Labour’s 32%. It is crucial to not let complacency set in. With Swinson’s Liberal Democrats falling away in the polls, Labour have been strengthened. Quite simply, that man cannot get into office.