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Monday 18 December 

Theresa May’s ten-strong “war cabinet” grapple with the subject of Britain’s post-Brexit relationship with the EU for the first time today.

Downing Street spin-doctors are playing a double game of portraying a huge amount of distance on the issue of regulatory alignment/divergence within the Cabinet while playing up the prospects of a happy compromise.

“Everyone already knows each others’ views — and frankly no one is talking about continuing to follow the EU rules anyway,” a “well-placed” source told Politico

“So it’s really about a trade-off, and how optimistic you are about the benefits of divergence. As in, ‘if you diverge 30 percent, the cost to EU trade will be £x billion and the benefit will be £x billion.’ In the end that is the discussion — and actually the PM is pretty optimistic”.

Of course she is. Mrs May will carry forward whatever gets agreed between the Cabinet’s heavyweights – all of whom are members of the Brexit war cabinet – to the full 21 tomorrow morning. Expect a great deal of stage management. The Government has no incentive to lay out its position in detail for a long while yet as trade talks with will not begin until March at the earliest.

Which gives plenty of time for the EU to lob grenades over the Channel and coerce members of May’s government into blocking a true Brexit.

In an interview with Prospect magazine, Michel Barnier said: “They have to realise there won’t be any cherry picking.

“We won’t mix up the various scenarios to create a specific one and accommodate their wishes, mixing, for instance, the advantages of the Norwegian model, member of the Single Market, with the simple requirements of the Canadian one.

“No way. They have to face the consequences of their own decision”.

Someone should tell Mr Barnier the British elites are already doing a fine job at betraying the popular will.

Labour grandee and former UN Deputy Secretary-General Lord Malloch-Brown has told the Guardian of pro-EU peers and MPs’ intentions to derail the Brexit “trainwreck” using the treasonous “meaningful” vote on the final deal secured last week.

“The aim will be to shift public opinion by the time MPs come next autumn to have the meaningful vote that was agreed last week.

“We cannot know precisely the Brexit deal that the meaningful vote will be on, but it will be the moment to stop the trainwreck”. Traitor.