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Monday 14 January 2019

Our withdrawal from the European Union has reached a critical stage. MPs are breaking every constitutional convention, rule and tradition to thwart a sovereign Brexit mandated directly by the people. Letters have been flooding into Tory associations calling for deselections, Leave.EU is calling upon supporters to do the same.

Following the historic, not to mention humiliating rejection of Theresa May’s deal in the House of Commons, the government has begun forays into opposition territory in the desperate hope of eventually getting deal through. Meanwhile, Remainers are poised to ramp up their obstructive tactics. Our counter-attack needs to be delivered swiftly.  

Thanks to Leave.EU’s hugely successful campaign to make the Conservatives conservative again, 25,000 new members joined the Party over the summer. It’s time to make the most of those gains.

Listed below are the MPs Leave.EU is targeting for deselection. To share your frustrations, click this link to access the Conservative Party’s website. Scroll to the bottom and enter your postcode under “Find your local team”, you’ll then find contact details of your local associations. For those of you living in the constituencies of the MPs listed below, we urge you to make your voices heard.

First, it was a spate of shameful amendments intended to obstruct Brexit. That was just the beginning. A treasonous faction of MPs – just one of several – has published plans for an alternative to the EU (Withdrawal) Act to enable Parliament to take the lead in renegotiating May’s deeply flawed settlement with Brussels, while the government stands aside. A no deal would also be outlawed.

The leader of the insurrection is Nick Boles who has become deeply unpopular in his constituency. Speaking on BBC Radio 4 (click to listen, 35 mins in) Boles outlined his idiotic plans.

“I have always said that I cannot support a Brexit with no deal, and I have been voting with Labour MPs, Lib Dem MPs and SNP MPs to stop that and rebelling against my government,” was his riposte when asked about the letters from angry constituents calling for him to stand down from his Grantham seat.

The motives of Boles and his allies, Nicky Morgan, Oliver Letwin and several others are sheer lunacy. However, their plan is workable, for the simple reason that most MPs voted to remain in the EU. Furthermore, the government is expected to indulge them as senior Cabinet figures, Philip Hammond and Greg Clark step up their efforts to block a no deal at all costs. Boles’ proposal is a regrettably useful tool for the government to rally support behind May’s Deal. It’s either that, or Remain, so the scare story goes – after the record-broking no vote against the deal, Hammond told business leaders the government would rescind Article 50 unless further progress was made.

The opposition to a sovereign withdrawal from the EU is more formidable than ever. We need to fight back and forge a clear pathway to a WTO withdrawal.

Please click the link and support our campaign.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team