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Friday 26 April 2019

Nigel Farage has got Westminster on the run, announcing yesterday that the Brexit Party will field candidates at the next general election.

“MPs will realise that if they carry on trying to stop Brexit, they’ll lose their seats at the next general election. I think they will be very fearful of what the Brexit Party can do to them,” Farage told the Sun.

“That’ll give them two choices – either they change and start to deliver Brexit, or we’ll replace them at that General Election.

“It’s a springboard. If you show people you’re capable of winning in one set of elections, people will start to believe that it’s possible in a general election too.”

The Brexit Party leader goes onto place Brexit in its proper context as we find our democracy broadsided by the establishment following decades of stagnation.

“I formed this party because I believe Brexit must be delivered. And it isn’t just about leaving the European Union and becoming independent, it’s about our country.

“Are we a democratic nation, or are we a banana republic?”

And not only Tory MPs will be fearful. Labour seats will be up for grabs as the party continues to self-flagellate over a preposterous second referendum. The Huffington Post reveals party members are in uproar over the omission of a second poll from the draft European election leaflet, pledging instead to “seek a better deal with Europe”.

The material is yet to be printed, don’t bet against the copy changing at the last minute to the benefit of the Brexit Party, which has Lefties like Claire Fox among its candidates.


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Returning to one of the ongoing stories of the week, the mooted prospect of the government introducing the Withdrawal Bill to finally get Theresa May’s deal through the House of Commons, The FT report the plans have been dropped, for now at least. The “WAB” has not been included in next week’s business of the House for the simple reason that it would be defeated.

Finally, the Sun’s Political Editor, Tom Newton Dunn reports Sir Graham Brady is desperately trying to restore prestige after cowardly backing out of changing the Conservatives’ internal rules to eject May from Number 10 (the other ongoing story of the week). Brady plans to table an amendment to the WAB omitting the blasted Irish backstop, a repeat move of his successful amendment to the second meaningful vote demanding “alternative arrangements” which ultimately failed at the negotiating table in Brussels.

As readers of this blog will know full well, this is a blind alley for the simple reason that Brussels won’t back down and the British government will. Ireland has proved to be the EU’s successful means of bringing the UK to heel, only a minority of European Research Group MPs and the DUP have threatened No Deal Brexit with genuine conviction. It doesn’t matter what Parliament agrees on internally, amendments like Brady’s will serve as no more than constitutional ornaments.

Let’s hope the Brexit Party can clear out the clutter.