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Leave.EU is a cross-party campaign dedicated to ensuring that the Brexit vote is carried out in accordance with the historic referendum of 2016.
 This letter has been sent to every home in the Runnymede and Weybridge area.

 Dear Voter,

At the 2016 Referendum, 17.4 million people voted to leave the European Union: 52% of the electorate, the biggest ever democratic mandate from the people of the UK.

It was made clear by both sides in the debate that a vote to leave the European Union would mean leaving the single market, ending free movement and ceasing payments to the EU, which totaled £14.8 billion in 2015 alone (House of Commons Library).

The Government sent a leaflet to every household, asking people to vote Remain and spelt out what that meant for membership of the Single Market.

They could not have been clearer.

Despite this, your local MP Philip Hammond, in his capacity as Chancellor of the Exchequer, is proposing a lengthy and unnecessary ‘transition’ period of up to three years beyond the date that Britain will formally leave the EU in March 2019. This would mean that free movement and financial contributions would continue until at least April 2022.

He is part of a cabal of Westminster MPs who believe that if they can delay exit, they can overturn the wishes of the 52% who despite threats from the political classes drew upon the courage of their conviction at the ballot box.

Moreover, whether you voted Remain or Leave, Philip Hammond’s actions in dividing the cabinet are damaging the prospects of a successful Brexit, encouraging the EU to play games with the whole process.

Unfortunately, we have a political class lacking the self-confidence and ability to stand up for the UK and her people that Brexit should inspire.

The recent report that the Government is considering a £36 Billion divorce bill should make everyone shudder. In the last 40-plus years, we have handed over £500 billion to the EU which is around 1/3rd of our national debt or £8,000 for every person or £16,000 for people who work and pay taxes (House of Commons Library).

In return, we have a massive trade deficit with the EU of over £70 billion a year giving us the upper hand in trade negotiations with the EU. While Article 50 talks rumble on we can look forward to a more open and prosperous trading relationship with the rest of the world: our exports to non-EU countries have already moved into surplus and continue to grow (ONS).

For many, the EU was just a ‘common market’, nobody mentioned a flag, an army, a President, a parliament or full political union.

Runnymede and Weybridge is a safe Conservative seat that never changes hands but we would urge all Conservative voters that feel strongly about the Government’s lack of courage on Brexit to join the local party and make their voices heard.

You have the ability to de-select your local MP at the next election by joining the local Conservative party and tabling a motion of no confidence at an extraordinary general meeting.

Such an action was used successfully in 1997 – the same year Philip Hammond secured his parliamentary seat.

You should only join the local association if you vote Conservative and want your voice to be heard by the National Conservative Party.

A small number of people can make a difference.

Yours Faithfully,

Arron Banks
Chairman of Leave.EU

Step 1: Join your local Conservative party of Runnymede & Weybridge

Joining online is straight forward, but there are alternatives methods as listed below:

Step 2: Call for an extraordinary general meeting

An extraordinary general meeting can be organised if it is backed by a petition signed by more than 50 members of the local party or 10% of the previous year’s total membership. The petition must be sent to the secretary of the executive association, requesting them to convene the meeting. Anyone can start the petition, and it should be sent to:

The Secretary of the Executive Association
Curzon House
Church Road
Surrey GU20 6BH

Step 3: Table a motion of no confidence

At the extraordinary general meeting, a motion of no confidence can then be tabled by any member, before being voted on by members of the local party.

Step 4: Contact Leave.EU so that we can keep track of progress.

Email: info@leave.eu (please enter ‘Deselect Hammond’ in the subject)
Address: Leave.EU, 2nd Floor, Lysander House, Bristol, BS10 7TQ