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Chancellor Philip Hammond has unveiled his Spring Statement today, admitting that Brexit Britain defied growth forecasts with 1.7% growth in 2017 and an upward revision for 2018 – as well as forecasts for falling inflation, debt, and borrowing.

It’s nice to hear from a Chancellor who is best known in these quarters for his endless Remoaning and fear-mongering about the potential of the British economy after our departure from the EU. He’s making hay from our booming economy today, but expect him to return to his usual tricks sooner rather than later…

For all the good news, he’s refusing to ramp up investment in public services despite calls from those within his own party. Brexiteer John Redwood said it best when he called for the Chancellor to “start to think about how we spend that Brexit bonus that comes as soon as we stop sending so much money to the EU as contributions”. Redwood calls for increased investment in our schools, hospitals, housing stock, and defence. Sounds smart!

Meanwhile the fallout of the shocking revelations in Telford continues to dominate the news – everywhere, that is, except the biased BBC. Telford MP Lucy Allan, who demanded an inquiry into child grooming in her constituency years ago, has blasted the state broadcaster for their failure to give the story its due weight.

Tweeting this morning in response to Leave.EU – reminding our huge social media following of the tragic case of Lucy Lowe – Allan was clear that the BBC was “not strong on standing up for white working class”. What a breath of fresh air! With a thousand victims of rape, torture, and in some cases even murder, it’s a scandal in itself that the BBC refused to give the story its due weight until pressure came down on it.

But while Telford comes to terms with the biggest abuse scandal in British history, the British government was busy revealing its startling intolerance over the weekend, detaining first Brittany Pettibone and subsequently Lauren Southern at the border for the crime of being conservative. Pettibone was deported on Sunday while Southern awaits her fate – an ordeal that Pettibone had to endure for days as border cops worked to ascertain whether or not she was a thought criminal.

What has happened to Britain? Our government is detaining conservative journalists at the border, but just last week we discovered that alleged Parsons Green tube bomber – who entered Britain on the back of a lorry – told the Home Office he was trained to kill by ISIS and let on his merry way!

It follows reports that the government is mulling over a plan to entice trained jihadis back to Britain with the promise of free council housing. God help us all…