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Friday May 31 2019

It’s confirmed, The Brexit Party are no flash in the pan. Having won the European elections a week ago, they have come in second place in a Times/YouGov general election poll (see below).

Westmonster’s Michael Heaver has discovered that the Brexit Party was listed under “other parties” in the survey. The BXP, alongside losers like Change UK, which only won 3% of the vote on Sunday night, were hidden from view under the “other” option, which participants would have to click first.

“Always tricky decision when to promote a party to the main q, and already testing & reviewing it same way we did for UKIP before moving them up (at same time, also need to work out why we overstated Brexit party at Euros),” tweeted Anthony Wells of YouGov.

Lame excuse, the Brexit Party just won a national election, of course they should be listed among the first order of parties, alongside the Tories and Labour.

Despite being saddled with such a handicap Nigel Farage’s party still polled three points ahead of both parties, only two points behind the Lib Dems. Even if the likes of YouGov, and the other establishment infrastructure won’t admit it, the Brexit Party are here to stay. Next stop, Peterborough.

Leave.EU has launched a campaign to encourage Brexiteers to head to Peterborough this Saturday to help with leafletting. Click here to learn more. See also, the Express.

Candidate, Mike Greene is well placed for an astonishing victory on June 6th. Remember, the party is only seven weeks old.

Labour, who currently hold the seat are doing themselves no favours. Their candidate couldn’t even be bothered to turn up to a hustings last night, choosing instead to attend an event with Gordon Brown.

Nothing says, “I prefer to rub shoulders with the elites” than opting to meet with an ex-prime minister over addressing real issues voters want dealt with at a public debate.

In Tory leadership news: former chief whip, Mark Harper has thrown his hat into the ring. Honestly, who cares. He’s bland and voted Remain, a pattern is emerging.