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Wednesday 12 December 2018

The time has come! The 48 letters have finally made their way to the 1922 committee. Theresa May will face a no confidence vote tonight. She must lose.

Leave.EU is encouraging supporters to get in touch with their MP today to warn them they must vote against the prime minister.

Simply click the link to find your nearest Conservative MP’s contact details and send them an email. If you don’t live in a Conservative seat, we suggest you contact your nearest Tory MP.  Time is of the essence. This evening’s vote is scheduled for 6 PM. We have pre-prepared an email for you to send here.

Speaking on the steps of Downing Street this morning, May insisted she would face the vote head on. In addition to being “a bloody difficult woman”, as the prime minister is so fond of saying about herself, she has proven to be a bloody liability.

From the beginning of her time in office, she has taken every opportunity to derail and dismember anything resembling a sovereign people’s Brexit.

In spite of her “no deal is better than a bad deal” pledge, May ensured to relax preparations for a clean separation from the EU on WTO terms. We saw it coming, the nine-month delay to triggering Article 50 was inauspicious, to say the least.

Thereafter, the strategic missteps and betrayals piled up at an alarming pace: The £20bn cash pledge that quickly doubled, the Irish backstop, Chequers – a monstrosity born out of the backstop – which was quickly rejected, paving the way for the dreadful deal she’s now trying to force upon us.

In August, Leave.EU launched a campaign to make the Conservatives conservative again. Those of you who responded to our call to arms are on the verge of making history, but first ‘Theresa the Appeaser’ needs to be dethroned.  To help bring about that result we need as many Leave.EU supporters as possible to contact their MP and make their voices heard.