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Sunday 18 August 2019

After a brief honeymoon period for Boris during the early weeks of summer recess, the Battle for Brexit is once again underway. A slew of anti-Brexit Tory MPs have come forward in recent days to undermine the authority of the prime minister and, in some cases, suggest they are willing to work with Labour to bring down their own party leader and install Jeremy Corbyn in Downing Street.

But Leave.EU stands ready to fight back with a deselection campaign that has already seen off many of the worst Tory rebels.

The former chancellor Philip Hammond, who reportedly used his office to block No Deal preparations, was the first to break cover by penning a vindictive letter to Boris opposing a WTO Brexit. He’s been met with scorn from local members in Runnymede & Weybridge, and if you are a local member you can get involved in our efforts to deselect him by following this link.

He intended the letter to be a “show of force” ahead of upcoming strife in the House of Commons. Perhaps his local members should show him where the power really lies…

Dominic Grieve, Caroline Spelman, and Oliver Letwin went a step further by opening talks with Jeremy Corbyn – the leader of a party now under investigation for anti-Jewish racism – about working together to block the policy of a Conservative government.

Corbyn’s plan would see him bring down Boris in a parliamentary vote and install himself in Downing Street. Aberconwy “Conservative” Guto Bebb – who has already vowed to step down at the next election in light of local opposition to his rampant pro-EU activism – openly endorsed the scheme on Thursday.

These people are not conservatives. They are fanatical pro-EU obsessives, who are willing to destroy a Conservative government and jump into bed with a far-left extremist to ensure that Britain remains under the control of Brussels. It’s essential that we deselect them now, and make sure they cannot be returned as Conservative MPs at an almost inevitable snap election.

CCHQ may not have the guts to clean house, but the Blue Wave does…

Our deselection campaign has had a real impact on the ground and we’ve already enjoyed success against a number of major anti-Brexit agitators within the Tory Party.

Heidi Allen, Anna Soubry, and Nick Boles quit the party because they knew we were rapidly building sufficient numbers to topple them. They jumped before they were pushed…

Slippery Sarah Wollaston – now a Liberal Democrat, without putting her decision to a “People’s Vote” in Totnes – defected from the Tories the day after we delivered our petition to her local executive.

They will all likely lose their seats to the patriotic pro-Brexit Conservative candidates that replace them on the Tory ticket at the next election.

Grieve and Phillip Lee have both been defeated in initial votes of no confidence in recent months and, despite the interference of a spineless CCHQ, they will now have to face their members in a re-adoption vote where they can be replaced once and for all. Local members can still get involved in the deselection process by visiting leave.eu/deselect.

Others, like Guto Bebb and Jeremy LeFroy, have already announced their intention to step down at the next election in light of pressure from Leave.EU’s deselection campaign, freeing up more solid blue Tory seats for new candidates who actually believe in national independence for Britain.

As we get closer to October 31, we have to do everything in our power to make sure that a small cabal of Remainer MPs cannot bring Boris down and block the will of the British people.

The Brexit Secretary has now signed an order repealing the European Communities Act 1972 after October 31. At this point in time, Boris appears to mean business. If he betrays us like Theresa May did, a still-strong Brexit Party will surge in the polls and swallow his support up with ease.

Our top priority has to be continued pressure within the Conservative Party itself, ensuring that those who want to stop Brexit are swiftly shown the door ahead of an autumn election. You can help us in our work by signing up as a deselection activist at leave.eu/deselect or by helping to fund our work with a donation at leave.eu/donate. We rely on public donations to fund the campaign and remain thankful for every assistance you can provide in our fight for national independence.

Kind regards,
The Leave.EU Team