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Thursday 14 June 2018

The EU establishment is now the main distributor of rancid fake news.

Yesterday, gap-toothed Guy Verhofstadt, a fanatical Europhile, saw fit to pump out a risible lie about key Eurosceptic figures and their mythical links to Russian money.

Leave.EU’s Arron Banks, yet again, was accused of colluding with the Russians, and so was Nigel Farage.

The fact is it’s become fashionable for the Remain establishment to pump out baseless lies about ‘fifth columns’ and Kremlin links. It’s all cuckoo conspiracy stuff that’s probably too far out there even for the Guardian. Their made-up, defamatory nonsense goes unchallenged because they’re part of the mainstream. They’re the establishment.

Well, no longer will we stand idly by and allow this kind of slanderous material to be served up to the world as fact. It’s time to fight back against the Brussels elite who, for far too long, have operated above the law as they’ve attempted to discredit and stop Brexit. Let’s give them a serious bloody nose.

Arron Banks has instructed his lawyers, Mishcon de Reya, to challenge Guy Verhofstadt over his highly defamatory tweet. They have written to the EU stooge (see below).


If Mr Verhofstadt still thinks he’s above the law, then he’s going to get a shock. If he doesn’t remove the baseless lies that he’s put out on social media, he could soon find himself on the wrong side of a European Arrest Warrant. Oh, the irony.

The EU’s agenda is very clear: Run a relentless, defamatory smear campaign to discredit key Brexit figures and, ultimately, reverse the result of the referendum. Why? Because they don’t actually care about you, about your vote, about democracy.

They care about lining their pockets, and those of their Europhile cronies, with their ridiculous, failing vision of a United States of Europe.

If you’ve had enough of the totally unaccountable EU establishment running roughshod over democracy and trampling over ordinary people then this is your chance to kick them in the nuts.

Click here to do your bit in the fight against the rotten EU elite.