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Wednesday 11 December 2019

We’re into the final day of major campaigning, and if YouGov’s latest MRP poll is anything to go by, there’s everything to play for. The Tories lead has shrunk to a 28-seat majority according to the latest projections. Many of Labour’s treasured seats in the so-called red wall will still go blue, just not as many, meanwhile Iain Duncan Smith and Dominic Raab in their seats East and West of London respectively look to be under even greater threat.

Most importantly, a hung parliament lies within the margin error, more motivation than ever to get out there and vote Conservative.

We don’t say that lightly, but the major conclusion from the latest polling data is that, aside from a handful of seats where the Brexit Party have made laudable inroads against Labour and the Tories are widely loathed, Nigel’s party now represent a real and direct threat to the formation of a pro-Brexit government. It is vital that all Leavers accept that No Deal Brexit is not plausible, compromise is essential. Boris’s deal, in spite of all its flaws, is the only way forward. That’s the hard truth.

The man himself gave an interview to the Telegraph yesterday, in which he doubled down on his security pledges.

“We’ve got a criminal justice system that isn’t delivering. We’re far too weak in the way we handle serious sexual violent offenders. We should be keeping them inside for longer. I also think that we should be making sure that terrorists serve their full term,” said the PM.

“But I want to see fewer people being caught up in crime. And that means having, you know, 20,000 more police, it means tougher pressure on law and order.”

Boris also underlined the massive significance of this election, a choice between socialism and getting “Brexit done”, moving on and making most of the sensational opportunities that await.

“I don’t want to exaggerate but this is an absolutely critical moment in our national history. I cannot remember in any vote I have cast where the choice has been so clear.

“You have to go right back to the Eighties to find an election where the division between the parties was so stark. And maybe before.

Boris went on to raise Labour’s calamity with shadow health secretary John Ashworth who was revealed yesterday to have admitted his party won’t win a majority. Most damningly, Ashworth – one of the few moderates on the Labour front bench – said he thought the “Whitehall machine” would kick into gear in order to smother the security threat posed by Corbyn were he to reach Number 10. Watch his dire backtrack below. 

The Ashworth setback has been followed by a letter from 15 former Labour MPs urging voters not to back Corbyn. The letter, signed by Brexit heroes Gisela Stewart and Ian Austin, cites the raging anti-Semitism that has infected the party and concludes, “Jeremy Corbyn: not fit to be Prime Minister.”  

Finally, the Telegraph reports of analysis into the Labour manifesto that finds the economy would suffer a £67bn hit as a direct result of John McDonnell’s plans to seize 10% of businesses assets.

This isn’t just about Brexit. Like Boris said, this is a once in a generation election.