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Monday December 9

There are just three days until voters go to the polls to make a crucial decision. The people will pick between the Marxist Corbyn, with insane policies based on bitterness and envy, or Boris Johnson, who will deliver Brexit, unlocking hundreds of billions in investment.

The PM has made it clear he will impose strict limitations on unskilled migrants. The Tory immigration policy will separate migrants into three categories: Exceptional talent, skilled workers and lower skilled workers.

Low-skilled workers will be prevented from entering the UK unless there is a specific shortage in their sector, such as construction. The post-Brexit scheme will fast-track the brightest and best, none of whom will require a job offer before they enter the country.

Not only will the immigration policy ensure better prospects for our economy, it will also help keep Britain safe. Anyone convicted of a serious crime will be banned from entering the country. This is a common-sense immigration policy, Boris Johnson will finally deliver an Australian-style points immigration system (Which Nigel Farage has been arguing for for years).

The Conservative commitment to security is a major feature of their campaign. Priti Patel has warned Labour’s plan to remove stop-and-search could lead to a murder spree. Citing analysis by the Conservative research department, the Home Secretary said the increase in weapons could mean up to 4,000 extra violent assaults and 52 more murders. Labour are willing to put British people’s safety at risk in the name of political correctness.

Patel went further: “Corbyn and Diane Abbott side with the criminal minority. They oppose longer prison sentences for serious violent and sexual offenders…their approach isn’t just naïve, it’s downright dangerous.”

Today, Boris will start a tour which sees him visit every region in Britain. The PM will enter what used to be the Labour heartlands and warn voters the Islington-powered Labour Party plan to throw their votes to leave in 2016 in the bin.

Johnson said: “The Labour Party has let you down. Under Jeremy Corbyn, they promised to honour the result of the referendum – before voting against Brexit every chance they had. They won their seats on a false prospectus and then stuck two fingers up to the public.”

Convincing words from the Prime Minister. Labour has abandoned its heartlands, hopefully they will pay the price on Thursday.

The Conservatives have a 14-point lead, but this is no time for complacency. We strongly urge you to get out and vote Conservative to prevent Corbyn from de-railing both Brexit and the country. Don’t split the Leave vote.