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Wednesday 4 April 

Leave.EU responds to Tell MAMA and the liberal establishment over the hysterical reaction to recent social media content:

Following our ‘Londonistan’ tweet, Leave.EU has been besieged by media commentators, along with pompous social justice activists gleefully pouring scorn.

Foremost amongst our “sins” is our entry into the rigged debate on Islam in Britain, even though we are a political organisation devoted to a controlled immigration policy. We make no apology for keeping multiculturalism – a vacuous philosophy committed to nothing but destruction – in our sights.

Leave.EU will not be lectured by the establishment on a problem it refuses to address. Of the long list of virtue-signalling voices, Tell MAMA is perhaps one of the most worrisome. Threats to have our Twitter account closed are as baseless as the organisation’s raison d’etre.

This “monitor of anti-Muslim hate speech” has a history of the dark art of fake news. So much so that some have linked this to its funding from the Department for Communities and Local Government being suspended, though we understand Tell MAMA have challenged this assertion, and no formal conclusion on the matter has ever been drawn.

Nevertheless, it behooves the likes of the Huffington Post and other members of the “liberal” media to act reasonably, and balance both arguments, instead of flagrantly picking sides.

Everyone is welcome to their opinions, as we are to ours, but to treat Tell MAMA as a clearing house for what is acceptable or not in public discourse – to hand over the keys of public discourse to a self-ordained body of “experts” with a record of attempting to stifle free speech and criticism of one religion, in particular, is dangerous and irresponsible.

Methodologies regarding “hate crime” reporting are often vague, and the data such groups utilise has been referred to by the BBC as “patchy”. This leads to a position whereby criticism of Islam and its encroachment into Britain is conflated with attacks on ordinary Muslims. In fact, it is often ordinary Muslims who suffer worst at the yoke of Islam. Tell MAMA, we note, is also largely if not entirely silent about the persecution of former or ex-Muslims, too.

Multicultural London is now in the depths of an appalling crime wave. It should be evident by the fact that Mayor Sadiq Khan recently handed out cash to mosques to try and help stop this, that Muslim communities have their part to play, just like the rest of us, in helping end the scourge of violence in our nation’s capital.

In the meantime, groups, like Tell MAMA, would prefer to be “offended” by a tweet noting the changing face of London (and Britain) than engage with us to stop the rapid increase in homicide, burglary, knife crime, acid attacks, and more.

If Tell MAMA really wants to help ordinary Muslims, we suggest they start naming and shaming groups that participate in acts like female genital mutilation – a new case of which is reported every 100 minutes in the UK – as well as helping identify radical groups in mosques across the nation, as recently drew headlines in Dewsbury.

Walter Bagehot once wrote of the danger of “immoderate representatives” who may “enact violent laws” in their search to placate every “ism” in all England.

Attacking free speech and open debate is, in our opinion, a form of political violence. It is time for Tell MAMA to prove they are not one of these “immoderate representatives”.