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Thursday 7 December 2019

The Liberal Democrats, the Green Party and Plaid Cymru are set to announce an electoral pact in a minimum of 60 seats in England and Wales this morning at a ‘Unite for Remain’ press conference in Westminster.

Labour may never get shuffled into the pack, nonetheless, the move highlights the fact that Remain are organised and willing to put aside differences. This is precisely what the Conservatives and Brexit Party need to do. Failure to do so could see committed Brexiteers such as Andrea Jenkyns and John Redwood lose their seats in marginal constituencies. The failure of the Tories and the BXP to form a non-aggression pact would not only be illogical, but it could put the Brexit in mortal danger. It’s time to talk.

Brexiteers can take solace from the fact that, as always, Labour finds itself in a mess. The Party’s deputy Leader, Tom Watson is standing down from his role in the party and will not run in his old 68% Leave-voting West Bromwich East seat. Just another coward scared of facing the people. It’s not just the electorate Watson would have been scared of. Pro-Brexit lefty George Galloway was poised to split the vote. Hampered by Labour’s clueless position over Brexit – which he himself engineered – Watson wouldn’t have had a hope of gathering any Eurosceptic votes in West Bromwich.  

The problems don’t stop there for Labour. Former Labour MP Ian Austin is standing down, and has labelled Jeremy Corbyn “completely unfit” to be PM. Sensationally, Austin is urging voters to vote Conservative in the general election as “voting for anybody other than Boris Johnson risks Corbyn getting into Number 10 and I think that would be a disaster for Britain.” The former Labour MP took a final swipe at Corbyn saying he was “allied with anti-Semites”.  

Austin has his finger on the pulse. The prospect of a Marxist Corbyn government is a scary one, just another reason a pact between the Brexit Party and Conservatives is so essential. We can’t risk it. 

After a tortuous day for the Tories yesterday, it’s Labour’s turn today. They’ve unveiled unsurpsingly ludicrous spending plans.

Under a Labour, the government would have to raise an eye-watering £26bn from tax hikes to meet its lavish spending targets. The FT reports shadow Chancellor John McDonnell’s plan to invest a quarter of a trillion pounds in public works over 10 years will exhaust Britain’s debt capacity, the only alternative to meet the shortfall would be higher taxation. Under the current government’s “austerity” one pound out of every four is borrowed.

In other words, Labour will bankrupt Britain. The Brexit Party and the Tories need to talk.