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Thursday 28 November 2019

YouGov‘s big MRP poll, released last night suggests Boris Johnson is on course for a big majority. A seat-by-seat analysis indicates a huge majority of 68 for the Conservatives, with Labour on course to suffer its second worst post-war defeat. In seats such as West Bromwich East, the Conservatives are set to overturn a 7,313-vote majority.

Corbyn’s cluelessness over Brexit, insane economic policies and terrifying stance on defence, not to mention the rampant anti-Semitism within his party, has unsurprisingly led to big dip in the polls.

However, we cannot afford to rest on our laurels. Complacency is dangerous in elections. Boris is winning, but he has not yet won. It is pivotal we get out to vote and defeat the threat of Corbyn’s Marxist Labour once and for all. As former Conservative Party Chairwoman Baroness Warsi notes, the poll “Could be bad news as people may get complacent and not feel the need to vote.”

Indeed, Dominic Cummings has warned marginal seats can sway easily, and that it would not take a huge shift for a Jeremy Corbyn victory after he “looked very carefully at the numbers.” It is worth noting Labour were also well behind at this stage in the 2017 campaign, but then ran Theresa May close, denying the Conservatives a majority. 

Labour are in disarray. The party is pushing the disgraceful NHS selling-off lie in a desperate attempt to scare voters, after Jeremy Corbyn published the “secret” 451-page document, which was publicly available for two months. Whether you’re  devout socialist or a committe free marketeear, one should value the a minimum level of honesty in democractic policy. Labour have not only broken through that barrier, they’ve smashed it to pieces. This is dangerous politics, particularly when used to weaponise the sacred NHS. 

After Jeremy Corbyn’s disastrous interview with Andrew Neil on Tuesday, Shadow Secretary of State Barry Gardiner has followed in his footsteps with his own abysmal performance on the same show. Neil pulled Gardiner up on the ludicrous assumption by Labour we would pay the same for drugs from India or France that we pay America. Neil also challenged Gardiner on Corbyn’s ridiculous statements about having to pay for a GP check-up or to give birth. Gardiner was forced to concede the document does not in fact say anything of the sort.

Watch Gardiner’s disastrous interview here.

It looks like Labour are finally coming to terms with the fact that a campaign that completely ignores the most important issue of our time, whether you’re for or against it, and focuses on massive and unfundable public spending together with not credible scaremongering over the NHS will not win you an election. They are reported to be re-shaping their election strategy. Sounds like too little, too late. 

It’s a crucial two weeks. Boris needs to guard against complacency, keep the message simple, and deliver a majority. He can then finally put an end to the Brexit saga, and an end to Remainer dreams of overturning the referendum result.