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Wednesday 4 December 2019

It took some time, but the truth of Labour’s position is out: they are an openly Remain party, selling out their heartlands who voted to leave in their numbers in 2016. It has been confirmed by Emily Thornberry, the embodiment of modern Labour’s middle-class latte-sipping metropolitan membership.

The MP for Islington South and Finsbury said:  “It does seem to me that the only way that one can Remain is if the public decide that is, in the end, what they want after these many years.” This came after an appeal to Remainers to vote for Labour.

Confirmation Labour would plunge us into more uncertainty and delay with a second referendum. The last thing this country needs.

Labour are keen to distract from their hapless position over Brexit with fearmongering over Trump’s America ripping into the NHS, and a list of economic policies which would bankrupt the UK.

Economists have warned Labour’s spending plans would plunge us into a recession worse than 2008.

Expert analysis of the Labour manifesto suggests unemployment would rocket to well over three million, the pound would lose around a quarter of its value, inflation would jump to five per cent, and growth would evaporate as the economy became mired in a slump that could last a decade. The joys of a Marxist Government.

The report puts Labour’s spending plans at costing a breath-taking £150 billion per annum. Professor Graeme Leach, CEO of Macronomics said losses would be: “Greater than was experienced during the financial crisis.” The economist then added: “It truly could be ‘Economic Nightmare on Corbyn Street’.”

Labour’s election campaign strategy stinks of amateurism. Yesterday, Jeremy Corbyn and the Labour party were poised to leap onto for a Boris slip-up over Trump’s visit and the NHS lie they are trying to sow. The slip-up never came. When are Labour going to apologise for their lies over the NHS?

Watch Trump’s helpful gesture below:

Boris was not prepared to sour our relationship with our biggest trade ally for the sake of appeasing some hard-left Remainers. Trump rubbished claims of US involvement in the NHS, and the PM navigated the day to perfection. Following yesterday’s NATO banquet at Buckingham Palace, World leaders were invited to No.10 for late night Whisky, the President of the United States included. Boris won the day.

Quote of the day

“After the launch of the Brexit Party in April… we managed to get rid of the worst Prime Minister we have ever seen” – Nigel Farage