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Friday 17 May 2019

The Brexit Party will win the European elections in six days’ time, and it will win big. The party’s rise under Nigel Farage, provoked by Theresa May’s disgraceful betrayal of the British people, will mark a major turning point. The battle for British independence is escalating into a full-blown war against the establishment.

The Remain campaign is well funded. Big business, big banks, multi-billion dollar donors like George Soros, and the metropolitan elites are throwing cash at smug outfits like People’s Vote and even the laughably incompetent Change UK/TIG Party.

The media have offered up the moral high ground to the Remainers. From on high they launch one false accusation after another, without restraint – witness the hatchet job attempted on Farage by Andrew Marr on Sunday.

Out in the field, Remain campaigners disrupt Brexit Party events by blocking roads. Nigel and his family have suffered vile harassment for years. British democracy is being dragged through the mud.

But strategically, the pro-EU Tory-Labour axis is vulnerable. The Brexit Party is more popular than the Conservatives and Labour combined. Dissatisfaction levels are epic. 67% of voters are furious with May, even more are fed up with the government. Jeremy Corbyn is loathed by 71% of the electorate. Naturally, Farage is far more popular than either of them.

May’s premiership is thankfully almost over. Her party is in tatters and her replacement is likely to be just as craven to the globalists. Corbyn gets wetter by the day as Labour follow the Tories in imploding. Now is the time to take the fight to their door. But to prevail we need your support.

An awesome partnership is asserting itself upon Westminster. Leave.EU’s social media presence – the second largest viral political campaign in Europe – and the Brexit Party under Nigel have the weapons to cripple the elites. We exact a heavy toll by calling out their lies, their blatant scheming (watch the latest nonsense from C4), their contempt for democracy and their false intentions – not for a moment did we believe May would accept a No Deal Brexit (see image below).

Leave.EU posted this image on social media in January 2017, on the same day Theresa May announced her – as it turned out – false intention to negotiate a sovereign withdrawal from the EU at Lancaster House. She “put David Cameron’s feeble negotiations to shame,” wrote the Daily Mail. Others were far less optimistic. The Daily Mail itself has since changed its tune on Brexit dramatically

Leave.EU has a social media following of a million on Facebook alone. The Brexit Party is much less established with just over a hundred thousand followers. Our posts boosting the party’s profile since its launch last month have been seen by the public a staggering 47m times.

As both the Tories and Labour brace themselves for a historic killing at the polls next week, the Brexit Party will be poised to finish the job. Reaching 100,000 registered supporters in a matter of weeks is a phenomenal achievement, but as the referendum result together with Donald Trump’s electoral success showed, the present and future of political campaigning are digital. Here Leave.EU leads.


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The British political class is in for a long overdue bruising. To help us take on the calamitous, but well-resourced and underhand establishment we need your support. Donate today to help us rescue the referendum and usher in a new age of cleaner more representative government.

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