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Tuesday 22 October 2019

Just over a year ago we launched Blue Wave, a phenomenally successful campaign to make the Conservatives conservative again by encouraging Leave.EU supporters to join (in many cases re-join) the wayward party of government and knock out the liberal nonsense.

Blue Wave not only succeeded in its initial objective of deposing Theresa May, it quickly brought the party back to its roots with 25,000 signing up in the first few months. The new blood coming in and the surrounding media frenzy had the added benefit of discouraging the Nick Boles types for whom patriotism is a dirty word. The Latte-sipping metropolitans who had made the Tories their home during the Cameron years are now flocking to the arrogant Lib Dems. Good riddance.

Speaking of Boles and the Lib Dems, Leave.EU also launched a sustained campaign to deselect pro-Remain Tories across the country. Some, like Boles were ignominiously rejected by their local associations. Others like Sarah Wollaston and Heidi Allen jumped first, and are now with the Lib Dems. They blamed “blatant entryism” in their sour resignation letter. We took that as credit for rebalancing the party of Churchill and Thatcher.


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Bafflingly, the Lib Dems pretend the 2016 referendum never happened. They have pledged to revoke Article 50 if they win the upcoming general election. But we have to take them seriously, if only because the leader of the opposition is a 2-bit computer programmed only to defend jihadists and raid people’s salaries and savings. Jo Swinson and her Remainer allies on the Labour fringes will have Jeremy Corbyn for breakfast. The SNP will happily tuck in too, although they’ll insist on a second independence referendum as a first course.

A Remoaner government will push hard for Britain to return to the EU – at that point we will still be in the failing bloc in all but name, re-committing will simply be a matter of procedure. And aside from EU withdrawal, a Lib-Lab-SNP alliance will be desperate to borrow billions, raise taxes and spend freely, lumping debt on future generations.

That’s just the economics, we can also look forward to endless shaming of our great nation’s heritage which has helped bring democracy and prosperity to all four corners of the globe.

With this in mind, Leave.EU is rallying towards phase 2 – the election. 

The Tories have set themselves up well to score victories up and down the land, meanwhile the Brexit Party are poised to grab seats in the Labour heartlands. We will be backing both parties wherever they are best placed to win, taking the fight to the venal liberal consensus by mobilising our massive social media campaign. 

At the time of the referendum, which still ranks as our greatest achievementwe were reaching 43 million people a month. Since then our numbers of followers have doubled. Engagement is the highest in the country for a political campaign or party (see below).  

Following Boris’s return from Brussels with a better, though far from perfect deal, the battle is over, but the war is far from won. Leave.EU will continue to bombard the enemy until British politics re-aligns with the will of the people. As ever, we encourage you to follow us on social media and support our great work. Our team are more dedicated than ever and look forward to serving Leave.EU supporters and the country over the course of the climactic period ahead.