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25 November 2016

Our response to John Major’s comments that “Brexit cannot be decided by ‘tyranny of the majority”:

“What Major really means by claiming the 48% must have a say is that we should retain the fullest access to the Single Market, irrespective of the consequences. There is no discussion to be had on this matter.

It was undeniably clear to voters at the time of the referendum that a vote to leave was a vote to leave the Single Market and for greater control over immigration. This is what the people voted for and must be a red line in any negotiation.

Major talks about the tyranny of the majority, but we cannot envisage anything more tyrannical than our out-of-touch political elite delaying and blocking Brexit before eventually watering down the deal to look nothing like the deal Britain voted for.

According to YouGov, 68% of the electorate now believe the government should get on with Brexit, which shows Major doesn’t even speak for the 48% he claims to represent. He is just another Establishment politician trying to derail Brexit and subvert the will of the country.”