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28 November 2016

Responding to the potential legal challenge over EEA membership, Leave.EU Head of Communications, Andy Wigmore said:

“The Europhiles have pulled another rabbit out of the hat in their desperate attempt to tie us to the sinking European ship.

“Leave’s position was always clear throughout the referendum – we advocated leaving the Single Market with the view to agreeing a free trade deal if possible, or failing that to trade with Europe as the United States, China and many other major economies do quite happily, on WTO terms.

“The British people voted to control immigration and to stop sending extortionate amounts of taxpayers’ money to Brussels every year. This will not be possible as a member of the EEA.

“The Remain campaign continuously described the EEA ‘Norway Option’ as having to “pay but with no say” – it’s interesting they now advocate such an undesirable position.

“The government has a clear mandate to trigger Article 127 and leave the EEA, alongside our withdrawal from the European Union. To argue otherwise is a last-ditch effort by undemocratic sore losers who refuse to accept the referendum result.”