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Leave.EU responds to yesterday’s terror attack in Westminster.

“The heinous attack in Westminster yesterday afternoon will be condemned by leaders around the world and rightly so. We have the families of those who have been killed in our thoughts and prayers and we hope those who have been injured will be nursed back to health.

“However we will not, from fear of being labelled as political opportunists hold back in our criticism of politicians who, through their acts and omissions have facilitated acts of terror almost identical to this throughout Western Europe in recent times.

“We are sick, tired but perhaps even more so we are angry that recent governments across Europe have enabled these attacks through grossly negligible policies that have left us vulnerable. How many times must we #PrayForNice? For Brussels? Berlin? Paris? London? The list is endless.

“First and foremost, the role of government is to keep its citizens safe. Theresa May as Home Secretary allowed over a million illegal immigrants to infiltrate our great nation. As prime minister, she has failed to implement the British people’s desire to have secure borders and to be kept safe. She has cut funding for police forces and border agencies and has overseen unprecedented levels of immigration, failing spectacularly in her attempt to integrate newcomers into our society.

“We will mourn the deaths of the innocent civilians caught up in this attack, including the brave police officer who lost his life protecting the cornerstone of our parliamentary democracy. However, it will then be time for our politicians to wake up and get serious.

“We must not pander to political correctness but show strength against Islamic terrorism.

“We are not winning this fight, but with proper, no-nonsense leadership, we will.”