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Wednesday 20 February 2019 

We are delighted by today’s news that Sarah Wollaston, Anna Soubry, and Heidi Allen have quit the Conservative Party following our huge campaign to deselect Tory Remainers.

Our supporters in Wollaston’s Totnes constituency had already submitted a petition to their local association calling for a vote of No Confidence and we were on the verge of delivering similar petitions in Broxtowe and South Cambridgeshire – very much a case of jumping before they were pushed!

Soubry and Wollaston have highlighted the importance of our campaign in their decision to jump, making the case (without realising it) for more democracy and local participation in local associations.

Wollaston complained about her association swelling with people “who have been urged to join the Conservative Party via aggressive and well-funded social media campaigns” and Soubry blamed our Facebook page (closing in on one million likes) for her decision.

We are funded by very generous donations from members of the public who care about the cause of national independence. If you like our work and would like to see more of what we do, you can contribute to our grassroots fundraising on our website or by sending a cheque, payable to Leave.EU, to the following address:

2440 The Quadrant,
Aztec West,
Bristol BS32 4AQ.

Every donation is greatly appreciated.

We will not apologise for encouraging ordinary members of the public to get involved in the political process. It isn’t “entryism”, it isn’t a “purple momentum” – it is democracy.

It speaks volumes that these three sore losers, who cannot handle having lost the 2016 referendum, are constantly calling for a “People’s Vote” on Brexit but refuse to give their own constituents a “People’s Vote” on whether or not they want to keep them as a local MP. These wimps have quit their party, renounced the main policy of the manifesto they stood on, and now they refuse to trigger by-elections. Pathetic!

We wish the Conservative associations in Totnes, Broxtowe, and South Cambridgeshire every success in selecting a good pro-Brexit candidate for the next election to unseat these cowards. Their constituents deserve much better.

These three splitters were not the only MPs we had in our sights. We’ve had huge interest in deselecting a great number of Remainer Tory MPs across the country and our next immediate targets will be Nick Boles, Dominic Grieve, and Phillip Lee. It’s looking a little too female in The Independent Group at the moment…

If you haven’t been in touch already, and you are a Conservative Party member with a Remainer MP, we’d love to hear from you at info@leave.eu – or you can get more information on our campaign at our website. Together we can get the Conservative Party’s house in order and transform it into the patriotic pro-Brexit political party this country needs.

If you have not joined the Conservative Party and you want to be part of the Blue Wave that pushed these pathetic pro-EU MPs into joining an obscure and powerless political grouping in parliament, you can do so online by following the instructions on our website. After a few months of membership you will be able to participate fully in any process of local candidate selection and in any national ballot for the party leadership.