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Tuesday 12 June 2018

Mischon De Reya has today filed an appeal on behalf of Leave.EU against the Electoral Commission in respect of its findings of the Electoral Commission’s investigation into the Leave.EU reporting and expenditure in relation to the June 2016 Referendum.

A Leave.EU spokesperson said:

Leave.EU is striking back at the scheming Electoral Commission lying at the centre of the anti-Brexit campaign.

In April of this year, we received notice of a £70,000 fine from the Electoral Commission in relation to five “offences”, each one extending electoral law beyond its limits.

The fines, set at the absolute maximum, follow two exhaustive investigations, the first of which ludicrously tried to find evidence of financial backing by the Kremlin.

We look forward to seeing their representatives in Court.

Brexit will not be beaten, and neither will Leave.EU.

Date: 12/06/12